What a good idea to have named this region that way! This denomination, approved in 1995 (but invented in 1870) when this protected area was created, is today very effective in attracting visitors. But it's justified!

Located 80 km north-east of Prague, this 700 km2 region owes its name to its natural beauty and the quality of life it provides. In 2005, it became the 25th European Geopark. In a very harmonious, wooded and hilly setting, you can indulge in a wide range of activities: hiking or cycling, climbing sandstone rock formations, swimming in the many small natural lakes, etc. These sandstone giants, characteristic of this region, have become the symbol of the Český Ráj. They form rocky towns (skalní) grouped in three areas: the reserve of Český Ráj itself, that of Prachovské Skály, the one around Malá Skála.

For the cultural aspect, many castles, some historic towns and the vernacular architecture of some villages are worth a visit. The region extends around two cities Turnov and Jičín, the starting point for most activities. Jičín, the smaller of the two, is also the prettier.

Look out! The region called Český Ráj covers a large area around Jičín and Turnov. All this area has beautiful rock formations, castles. The nature reserve of Český Ráj covers only part of this area. This is the most frequented area, but the rest of the region is not lacking in interest either.

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