More industrious, more Chinese too, the Kowloon Peninsula differs in many ways from the sparkling island of Hong Kong. Yet it is on the Tsim Sha Tsui side that countless hotels of all categories can be found, including the luxurious Penisula and InterContinental. It is also on the side of Nathan Road that you will find one of the images of Hong Kong's Epinal, these streets lined with an infinite number of flashing neon lights, boasting such and such an electronics shop, fashion store or popular restaurant. Here, more than anywhere else, you can feel the electricity flowing through Hong Kong and life seems to be in a continuous circuit. Here, there are no hillsides like on Hong Kong Island: an urban jungle stretches across Boundary Street to New Kowloon. Since the closure of the former Kai Tak Airport in the late 1990s, the buildings have also been rising in height, as has the CCI Tower, the tallest tower in the Territory (484 m). There is no shortage of urban development plans to tame some of Kowloon's madness: the West Kowloon Cultural District is one of them, but due to a lack of agreement among investors, the project has fallen behind schedule and has become the laughing stock of the local media.

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