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5 reasons to visit Castelldefels Castle in the province of Barcelona

A monument dating back to the 10th century and built on Iberian and Roman remains, the castle of Castelldefels proudly dominates the town of Castelldefels from the top of its hill at 59 meters above sea level. Used for centuries as a fortress to defend the territory from Arab invasions and pirate attacks, the visit and discovery of the building is an exciting moment for anyone visiting Castelldefels and the Barcelona region. With an audio tour to better understand its history, an immersive experience, breathtaking views of the surrounding splendor from the gardens and the belvedere, here are 5 good reasons to visit one of the most exciting castles on the Catalan coast as soon as possible

1- An icon of the city of Castelldefels

Castelldefels is a great place to stop only 15 minutes south of Barcelona. It attracts those who can't resist the sea and those who want to escape the fervor of the Catalan capital for a while, with 5 km of beaches perfect for relaxing and practicing water sports. Located between the sea and the mountains, the town is dominated by a monument of choice that is a must-see: the Castelldefels castle, whose origins date back to the 10th century. This emblem of the city has had several functions. It was a fortress that served for centuries to counter Arab invasions and pirate attacks, and was bought and restored by Manuel Girona at the end of the 19th century when it was in ruins. It was also used as a military training center during the Spanish Civil War, then as a barracks for international brigadiers and finally as a temporary detention center for deserters and undisciplined people. The discovery of its tumultuous history is fascinating for adults and children alike.

2- An immersive experience

Castelldefels Castle offers a high quality audiovisual experience to discover the great moments that have marked the long life of the monument. A journey where history and technology meet, and where visitors go from room to room with their audio-guide, available among others in French. Visual and audio elements provide valuable information on the historical events that have been an integral part of the life of the building, whose role was initially defensive, before hosting the high society parties organized by the Catalan politician and banker Manuel Girona, and later serving as a training center and prison

3- Piratia: an activity to discover the world of piracy

As mentioned above, the castle of Castelldefels has served as a fortress to counter pirate attacks in the past. During a visit to the monument, the public has the opportunity to participate in the activity Piratia, an interactive and immersive attraction that leads to put yourself in the shoes of a sailor and relive a pirate attack on the coast of Castelldefels. A family activity that also allows to better understand the political and social context in which piracy appeared at local and international level. Piratia is a multi-sensory journey into the world of pirates and their secrets, incorporating audiovisual, scenographic, playful and interactive elements. A historical and playful moment to live with your family.

4- A visit for the whole family

The visit to Castelldefels Castle is suitable for all audiences. For children, who discover in the place games and interactive experiences that capture their attention. But also to parents, who enjoy discovering with their audio-guide a building with a fascinating history. This includes a visit to the Church of Santa Maria, the oldest part of the castle, where inscriptions of former prisoners of the Spanish Civil War remain; the model room, which shows the transformation of the castle and its configuration over the years; and the different rooms that allow visitors to put themselves in the shoes of members of bourgeois society, when the building belonged to Manuel Girona. The Noble Room is particularly noteworthy, which still has the look of its last restoration in 1897. Also not to be missed is the Fencing Room with its 18th century paintings, with a window overlooking the Garraf Natural Park and an old tower dating from 1734.

5- Visit the gardens and exceptional views

Castelldefels Castle is surrounded by more than 7,000 square meters of gardens and green spaces. If the visit and the activities offered inside are exciting, you should not miss before going to explore the other treasures of the territory to stroll outside and take the time to rest in a green setting. Another advantage is that the castle is located on top of a hill, several places offer breathtaking views of the Garraf and Collserola massifs, the Barcelona plain, Montjuic, the Llobregat Delta and the sea coast. The castle's exterior also regularly hosts cultural events. The agenda is therefore to be watched very closely

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