What if in 2021, the end of the year celebrations were an opportunity to see the country? Without having to go very far, and from France, all you have to do is cross the Pyrenees to go to the north of Catalonia and experience a unique moment in the city of Figueres. Birthplace of the great Salvador Dalí, the town immediately evokes the museum dedicated to the artist. With its incredible architecture and the richness of its collection, the place attracts many visitors every year. To celebrate its beloved child once again, Figueres has decided to illuminate the city with Dalinian creations. And when you know the genius of the man and his deep attraction to surrealism, there is something to awaken curious minds. Of course, a Christmas trip to the capital of the Alt Empordà is also an opportunity to appreciate its gentle way of life, its architecture and all the places that contribute to making Figueres a must-see destination in Spain.

Immersion in a Dalinian Christmas atmosphere

Figueres offers visitors the chance to experience a memorable Christmas. To do so, it does not hesitate to adorn itself with its most beautiful illuminations. It's simple, this year there are twice as many as in previous years! On the one hand, there are the traditional Christmas decorations that illuminate the streets and facades of the historic and commercial centre, and which give the city that enchanting look that we appreciate so much during our urban strolls. But to make the experience even more memorable, Figueres has decided to dedicate part of its Christmas decorations to the city's beloved child, Salvador Dalí. Many people don't know it, but the Catalan artist has a special connection with the Christmas season. From 1958 to 1976 he worked with a Barcelona-based pharmaceutical company, Hoechst Ibérica, to create greeting cards for customers and employees. The Christmas tree was a constant element in these 19 illustrations by Dalí, who did not hesitate to deploy all his surrealist and magical imagination to create his works. He also incorporated messages of a philosophical nature.

To pay tribute to Dalí's creations around Christmas, Figueres is offering Christmas card-inspired illuminations throughout the city. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a Christmas sprinkled with surrealist touches, a further nod to an artistic movement that has long left its mark on the city. The discovery of its illuminations can be done on a self-guided tour, or on a guided tour by contacting the Tourist Office directly. Going to Figueres for Christmas also means taking advantage of the shopping opportunities in the main shopping streets, filling your basket with good products in the colourful market of Plaça Catalunya, and then going to the Christmas market on the Rambla to enjoy the local crafts and warm up with a good meal and a hot drink.

Discovering the main attractions of Figueres

Spending the Christmas holidays in Figueres is a great opportunity to discover the city's main places of interest and to learn about its history. Starting with the unmissable Dalí Theatre-Museum and its collection of impressionist, cubist, figurative and, of course, surrealist works. Galarina, Buy The persistence of Memory, are among the star paintings. Viewing the building from the outside is also an event in itself, with its red façade crowned with huge eggs. One might think that it would be difficult to compete with such a place, but this is not the case. It's the whole city that you should be interested in. You walk along cobbled streets lined with pastel facades decorated with simple iron balconies. You can see buildings in a variety of styles, including medieval, neoclassical and Catalan Art Nouveau. The latter includes the marvels of the old El Jardi theatre, the Casino Menestral and the Puig Soler and Mas i Roger houses. Salvador Dalí was born in the former and spent his childhood in the latter. Other museums are also worth a visit, especially the Toy Museum and the Empordà Museum.

Finally, a trip to Figueres must also include a visit to Sant Ferran Castle. Simply because this 18th century military fortress is incredibly well preserved and its size makes it one of the most imposing fortresses on the European continent.

More information on the website of the Figueres tourist office.