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Top 10 des merveilles de l'Antiquité que l'on peut encore visiter

In the course of our long history, people have built beautiful architectural works. Some of them have disappeared but fortunately, others are still visible today. From Europe to Africa, Asia or South America, some travellers are ready to travel thousands of kilometres to have the chance to admire the wonders of Antiquity, to examine them in great detail and to learn more about their origin and the way they were built. The Little Wise Guy has ...

Top 10 des plus beaux endroits où voir un coucher de soleil

Who hasn't wanted to spend an evening, stop everything and let themselves be carried away by the rhythm of nature? That's what the sun offers, when at the end of the day, the sun slowly lowers to make way for the moon. Far from the daily hustle and bustle, to watch a sunset is to stop, contemplate the sun and watch nature sublimate itself. If the process is always the same, some sunsets hold many surprises and transport us into a world ...

20 sites classés au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en Europe à découvrir

Each year, UNESCO's World Heritage List is expanded. These cultural or natural properties all represent a major interest in our common heritage and deserve to be preserved. This year, exactly 1,073 sites are on this list. Italy remains the country with the highest number of classified properties, while France is in fourth place, preceded by Spain. Through its history and culture, Europe is therefore one of the most represented continents: ...