In 2017, Voyageurs du Monde, a specialist in tailor-made travel and a benchmark in the field in France, announced the acquisitionof Original Travel, a British tour operator also specialising in tailor-made, high-end holidays. While the company had already established itself in the French-speaking market, particularly in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, its objective with this alliance was to develop Original Travel in the main English-speaking markets. Because each traveller is unique, Original Travel strives to create travels that resemble them, not only by taking into account their desires, but also by making suggestions based on a solid knowledge of the proposed destinations. In addition to a tailor-made and high quality trip, the traveller benefits from many services aiming at simplifying his stay and making it a delicious and pleasant moment. And because Original Travel is a tailor-made travel agency that lives with its time and takes into account all contemporary concerns, it is committed to the environment and human rights, so that the tourism offer is made with the greatest respect for people, cultures and their environments.

A solid expertise and precious advices, for an exceptional tailor-made trip

If Original Travel is the ideal interlocutor for the organization of a tailor-made and high-end trip, it is because it places the client at the heart of its concerns. How do we do that? By allowing him to reach a contact person who is available to listen to his wishes, and who does not hesitate to make suggestions to build together the trip that suits him. This advice is given by travel guides and experts who have grown up in the chosen destination, who have travelled there several times or who have worked there. As specialists in the region(s) of the world you wish to travel to, the team is best placed to advise and organize an authentic trip that includes various experiences such as the discovery of natural areas, local culture, gastronomy, heritage, must-do activities and all those little extras that contribute to make the trip unique and memorable. Why choose Original Travel? Simply because those who design the trips are those who know the destinations inside out.

Do you want to go on a desert safari, bathe in Iceland's natural hot springs, learn how to cook the best Italian specialities, dive into the heart of French history or visit India's most luxurious hotels? Need advice for a romantic holiday, a honeymoon, a trip with children or a sunny destination to reach during the winter? Everything is possible with Original Travel, we just have to put words on our deepest desires of discoveries, and communicate them to the team of the tailor-made travel agency.

A wide range of services for a top of the range trip where everything is simple

At Original Travel, various services are offered to travelers so that the trip goes smoothly from the beginning to the end. As we wrote above, the first of these services is the brainstorming between the traveller and the expert advisor, who build together an ultra personalized trip. Once at the airport, the idea is to bypass any source of stress. To do so, the traveller is welcomed by a member of the Original Travel team, who guides him to a quick check-in, before reaching a comfortable airport lounge where drinks and free snacks are provided before boarding. Once on the plane, he/she will be taken to the seat that the Original Travel team has chosen for him/her beforehand.

Orignal Travel is also a concierge service, where a personal assistant contacts the traveler upon arrival at the airport for assistance throughout the trip. Informed of the customer's expectations, he is available by phone to answer all types of requests. As a connoisseur of the destination, he or she advises the traveller on places to visit and the best places to take part in activities, helps him or her to access certain services such as childcare, and also assists the traveller in modifying any of the services included in the trip (accommodation, flight, vehicle rental, etc.). The personal assistant is also available in case of problems and manages the administrative procedures related to a possible repatriation for example. He or she is then the link with the insurance companies. In this respect, the ATOL and ABTA system ensures financial protection for the traveller in the event of a problem (flight cancellation, payment of additional nights in the event of problems on site, etc.). In addition, a telephone assistance service is available 24 hours a day to answer all the traveller's requests, whether he/she has an administrative, medical or logistic problem.

And then, at Original Travel, there are all those little extras that make the difference, with the availability of expert guides of the destination in several major capitals and in some countries, the loan of a GoPro to film the moments of adventure, the provision of a games kit for children aged 3 to 10 years and before leaving, recommendations of readings and music for a total immersion in the culture of the chosen country.

A travel agency committed to the tourism of tomorrow

Global warming, pollution, respect of natural spaces and local cultures are all areas that concern the tourism world. Original Travel is committed to the development of a green tourism, whose objectives are to allow to continue to travel around the world while respecting natural spaces, people, their practices and fighting against climate change.

The travel agency takes part in various projects such as reforestation. Knowing the amount of CO2 emissions linked to all the travellers' journeys, it develops projects to replant the trees necessary to absorb the volume of CO2. It is active in countries such as India, Indonesia or Senegal. Original Travel also encourages initiatives that reduce the ecological impact of the airline industry, such as the development of technologies to save kerosene and the financing of the transition to green hydrogen.

Associated with Voyageurs du Monde, Original Travel is one of the companies supporting the Livelihoods Funds. These funds invest in projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, aiming to help rural communities that work daily to restore their ecosystems, fight against climate change and develop more sustainable agriculture.