For the 6th consecutive year, Château la Chenevière is getting ready to celebrate nature and plants. Over the course of a weekend, 45 exhibitors will be meeting, including nurserymen, craftsmen and garden-loving associations. In the sumptuous two-hectare park, they present their various specialisations to the public: old roses, orchids, rare, aromatic and even carnivorous plants. They also pass on their ideas and tips during free workshops and fruitful exchanges. Visitors who wish to do so can also attend lectures, participate in basketry and pottery workshops, as well as have lunch at the charming bistronomic restaurant "Le Petit Jardin", whose dishes are concocted using vegetables, fruit and herbs from the permaculture vegetable garden. As every year, the benefits of the event go to a family raising a handicapped child and this year, the event will help the family of Enzo, a 6 and a half year old child with Dravet's Syndrome. A beautiful outdoor event not to be missed in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain. More information on the Fête des Plantes website of Château la Chenevière