Situation. Markova Sušica, 50 mostly Slav-Macedonian inhabitants, belongs to the municipality of Studeničani (Студеничани - Studeniçani), 17,000 inhabitants (mostly Albanian) which itself is part of the city of Skopje. The village is located 19 km south of the centre of Skopje along Boris Trajkovski street, which continues with road 1106 along the Markova river. After Batintsi (Батинци - Batinca) and Varvara (Варвара), turn left. Count about 35 minutes.

Description. Situated at the foot of Mount Kitka and the Mokra Planina ("wet mountain") massif at an altitude of 2,540 m (Mount Solounska Glava), this village owes its fame to the Marko Monastery, which houses some of the most beautiful frescoes in the country. Nestled in a small valley in the hollow of which runs a stream with clear waters, this orthodox place of worship attracts mainly Skopiotes who come here to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding meadows to picnic with their families (some greasy papers testify to this...) and sometimes venture for a hike to the superb little Turkish village of Malčište (Малчиште - Malçisht) located 2 km south of the monastery up the small stream. Markova Sušica has several restaurants and shops, but also, 300 m before the monastery, the small church of St. Nicholas Nikolimuki (Свети Никола Николимуки), also decorated with superb medieval frescoes (late 13th-early 14th c.), unfortunately in poor condition. On the road between Skopje and Markova Sušica, you can stop at the Kartal wine cellar (see "Shopping" in Skopje).

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