Pordenone is only an hour away from Venice and will be both a good gateway to the Dolomites if you wish to discover the beautiful and discreet Friulians, and an opportunity to rent a car from a serious local agency asking for a reasonable deposit. A day of discovery will be enough, before starting a journey to the surrounding villages. Founded in the early Middle Ages as a river port on the Noncello, the city was then called Portus Naonis. Thanks to the river trade, it developed and obtained the status of a town from 1314. It then passed successively into the hands of the Habsburgs in 1387, before becoming a possession of the Republic of Venice in 1514. In 1815, Pordenone became part of the Lombard-Venetian Kingdom and was finally annexed to Italy in 1866. With the arrival of the railway and the construction of a road, the port lost its importance but the textile industry developed on both sides of the river. Pordenone is famous for the work of cotton. Today it is an industrial and commercial city.

It is also a tourist town, with a remarkable old centre. You can walk under the arcades as in the Middle Ages, discover the town hall and the Saint Mark's cathedral just behind, the Republic imposing itself here symbolically in front of the church, the campanile and the palaces on both sides of the pedestrian street. You can sit down in historic cafés to enjoy the local conviviality and tranquillity. And in this small town, ideally situated between the Dolomites and the sea, you can enjoy the specialities of the mountains and the sea.

Pordenone with love (+39 0434 381600 www.pordenonewithlove.it) is very active in the development of this young tourist area. The website is very detailed.

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