This peaceful village at the end of the peninsula comes alive in the summer season. It is the starting point for very pleasant walks along the cliffs, which can be done with the family. One of the major attractions is the Pollock Holes. This is a particular geological formation, which is both very impressive and... very playful! The stones form a sort of giant staircase on which you can walk up to the extreme edge of the cliffs.

In a place on the coast, accessible on foot from the village, the erosion of stones by the sea has created real natural swimming pools that are a delight for visitors. The water thus retained warms up and also provides a safe bathing environment for children. But be careful to look at the tide times since we only enjoy it at low tide! Kilkee was otherwise awarded the Blue Flag Award for its beautiful semi-circular beach of fine sand, ideal for swimming, where there is a water sports centre. Kilkee is also a popular spot for diving enthusiasts. At the beginning of September, the Cois Faraige music festival livens up the streets of the village.

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