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Sports and Leisure Stockholm : 18 Results

Practical information : Move & Laze around Stockholm

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Stockholm has many parks and green spaces open to the public, allowing anyone to jog, do yoga, or swim for free. For jogging, check out, which has several great routes. It is easy to find nice walks along the waterfront, no matter which neighborhood you are in. In summer, Lake Mälar and the Baltic Sea provide plenty of opportunities for fishing, sailing and kayaking In winter, the ice rink at Kungsträdgården is free and offers skates for rent at low prices.

What's very localWhat's very local

Stockholm is a city of cyclists and it is recommended that you use this means of transport to travel the hundreds of kilometres of tracks that criss-cross the city and its surroundings. Alternatively, many Stockholmers enjoy jogging in the beautiful Djugården Park. In winter, you can go to the natural ice rinks: frozen lakes in the vicinity of the city centre. The closest ice rink to the city centre is Trekanten in Liljeholmen.

Your documents pleaseYour documents please

It is possible to kayak or canoe without a guide and without a license.

For boats, there are 3 categories of permits that apply to different types of boats. First, there is the mandatory license for boats with a hull longer than 10 m and faster than 15 knots. Then there is the license for boats over 12 m with a beam of more than 4 m. Skippers sailing boats equipped with an engine capable of propelling them up to 30 knots will also need a permit

For hikers wanting to camp in the wilderness, check out the Allemansrätten, a public right of access, allowing the public to move freely, even on private land, to camp overnight and to pick wild mushrooms and berries.

To be bookedTo be booked

For sailing, kayaking, or canoeing, reservations are often required or recommended. For multi-day activities, such as cruises through the Stockholm archipelago, reservations are imperative.

Main eventsMain events

The Stockholm Marathon, which takes place every year in May, invites runners from all over the world to participate in this challenging but friendly event, allowing you to discover the city in a whole new way. Crossing parks and urban spaces, you can take part in a festivity that gets everyone out of their homes!