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A son of antique dealers and art dealers, Souleymane Arachi continues with a tireless fervor the collection begun by his father, El Hadj Karimini Arachi, arrived from Niger in the 1950 s and died in 2006. Before developing the activity that became the vocation of a life, it traveled the city of Korhogo, collecting old glass bottles from families and households to resell them in the local market of recovery objects. He then began to offer art objects to Europeans located in Korhogo and had a success that led him to arbate the villages and hamlets of the region, looking for rare pieces showing the considerable wealth of Senufo heritage. Some farmers, aware of their activity, sometimes came to sell them the objects they found no more useful to keep home. Arachi father then made the exception pieces that he had acquired, selling the copies and keeping the authentic ones. This is how the impressive family collection was born, together with a passion handed out from father to son, since Souleymane learned the basics of antiquarian occupation at the age of 14, and developed from a quasi-anthropological knowledge of senoufo culture and traditions, as well as lobi art, Baoubi and some companies in neighboring Mali. Often traveling in the region and the subregion looking for a few treasures of art craftsmanship, he collected, just as his father did, the objects that the villagers no longer want and formed over the years a collection of more than two thousand pieces covering the entire West African and Ivorian crafts. In the region, he is not the most remote village he knows. Its collection, which has to fill 6 pieces of 30 m ², is absolutely impressive: Senoufo funeral beds, culture birds (rewarding the most productive village), dance statues, calebas, stools, canals, heaums, calaos, calaos, wattage, bambara, artisanal objects from Guinea, Mali… You can choose one randomly, Souleymane will give you the name, history and precise function. In addition to his antique trade, our man is also a sculptor (mainly specialized in furniture). His dream? To assist in the building of a museum that would ensure that this invaluable corpus can be preserved in the best possible conditions in the history of the country and the subregion. " Every thing has meaning. " Each object of art has an identity and importance in society. Through my activities, I target man. Culture is at the center of everything. A cultural object, even bought as a souvenir, responds to the idea of a civilization, explains Souleymane. My father was always ready to buy a piece. He thought if he didn't, this object would disappear to make her identity forget, just like some senufo rituals that have disappeared today… '. To discover absolutely.

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Value for money
Visited in august 2019
Rien à cacher .
Soulaymane n' a pas économisé ses pas ni sa salive pour nous faire découvrir dans ses entrepots minuscules , toutes ses découvertes , traces de coutumes en train de disparaitre . De très beaux masques et statuettes très expressives .
Notice filed on 08/27/2019 

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