Copenhagen can be discovered in both summer and winter. Each season allows you to appreciate the city from different angles. Here are some tips on when to go to Copenhagen.

High tourist season: The most pleasant season is summer, even if there are (too) many tourists. At that time, the days are long and the light is superb. Overall, the period between May and September is the right time to visit the city: the terraces are filling up, there are more walkers and cyclists, and festivals follow one another. The Danish capital boasts of having been the European capital of jazz: the city's main cultural event, the jazz festival organised each year in July welcomes "stars" and thousands of fans on stage. In addition, Copenhagen often hosts major international events: there is no point in hoping to find a room that is several leagues away.

Low tourist season: From a financial point of view, the winter months are the most interesting time to stay in Copenhagen, with hotels offering sometimes significant discounts. But the budget is not everything, and it is important to know that it can be cold (and especially humid) and that the night falls very quickly. At the beginning of October, the city hibernates in a way, until Christmas arrives (and the opening of the Tivoli gardens in mid-November).

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