Punta Norte, as its name suggests, is located in the north of the peninsula. Another famous colony of elephant seals, but especially sea lions, very numerous to laze on the beach and to show themselves by parading during the mating season. As a logical consequence, this is the preferred hunting ground for killer whales, which usually appear in March until December.

It is here that this phenomenon, almost unique in the world, takes place: the killer whales practically come ashore on the beach in order to catch the sea lions that are playing too carelessly at the water's edge, about 2 hours before or after high tide. Think about your timing because it's complicated to get here in time.

A little further west, at the Estancia San Lorenzo, there is a colony of Magellanic penguins, the largest on the peninsula. There are about 270,000 individuals between September and February. Be careful, the entrance to the Estancia is not free.

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