Legend has it that the city was one of the most important centres of the garment industry during the Middle Ages, which is confirmed by the wall surrounding the city. Every year in June, the victory of the Bernauer family over the Hussites is celebrated, and this gives rise to a medieval festival, where the acrobats make their appearance, as well as the wild boar and the cervoise. But Bernau is also a good starting point for beautiful bike rides in the Barnim, a forest with many lakes. From Bernau you can also reach the Wandlitzee where the Agrarian Museum and the City Museum of Bernau are located, where musicians from the Komische Oper Berlin come to perform.

On the way back, it is worth stopping in the small town of Schönwalde where the inventor of porcelain, Johann Friedrich Böttger, was born. The Antiquarium offers a collection of early porcelain.

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