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Top European destinations for a weekend with friends

At any time of the year, weekends with friends are the best way to unwind and enjoy a little break from the stress of the day. With your feet in the sand, in the snow, sitting on the terrace of a restaurant or partying in the best nightclubs in the world, get away from the daily routine for a few days with your faithful allies. From Prague to Berlin via Barcelona and Dubrovnik, here is our ranking of the best destinations in Europe for a weekend with friends and to come back with plenty of memories!

Prague, an extraordinary heritage

In summer and winter alike, the Czech capital is unbeatable. Spared by the Second World War, it is an architectural gem. Operas, theatres and basilicas rub shoulders with jazz clubs, underground and trendy clubs. Castle and museums dot the landscape of Kafka and Vaclav Havel's hometown. Not forgetting the unmissable cruise on the Vltava River, lasting an hour or more, another charming way to discover the city and its treasures. On another day, a visit to Prague Zoo offers a pleasant stroll to quietly recover from a hectic evening. Less than 2 hours from Paris by plane, why deprive yourself of one of the most visited cities in Europe?

Milan, architecture and Italian-style shopping

A visit to the rooftops of Milan is a must so as not to reduce the economic capital to a temple of fashion and shopping. It goes without saying that it is still advisable to visit the Fashion Quadrilateral, four streets where the best creations of Italian and international designers take place. In the other moments of a well-deserved getaway with friends, go to Plaza Duomo to admire Italian architecture, to Navigli, to the little Venice for a drink, to Brera for a chic, typically Milanese meal or to Corso Como for a late night outing. Flights at really attractive fares amplify the reasons for going there. A tutti !

Lisbon, the city of seven hills

With its really attractive prices, its oceanfront, its colourful streets and its eventful evenings, Lisbon seduces bands of friends who want to spend a successful weekend on all levels. It is full of bars, pubs, festivals and has a special human warmth. Traditions are still very present and many popular events take place there. On the beach or on the heights of the city, Lisbon offers an exceptional landscape. A stroll in the historic districts of the Portuguese capital is also an excellent way to feel the change of scenery

Vienna, the elegant

A romantic city with an outdated architecture, Vienna is a capital on the border between the traditional and the sophisticated. Classical music is still very present in the soul of the city (notably the Philharmonic) and it regularly welcomes the best musicians from all over the world. In a rococo style, the architecture is the perfect blend of Baltic and Western art. Between two strolls to go and discover the flagship monuments of the Austrian capital, one should not miss to settle down in a Viennese café, and accompany the inevitable coffee with some delicacies. Vienna is a city to be discovered at least once in your life.

Dubrovnik, pearl on the Adriatic coast

The "little pearl" of the Adriatic, as it is called, has everything to please. Its pink tiles, marble streets and ancient ramparts always evoke the same emotion. Charming town, overhung by a cable car, bordered by an azure sea, it is one of the little nuggets of Eastern Europe. A stroll in the Croatian city with friends often passes through the Stradun, the main tourist artery. This is where you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat on a sunny terrace. In the adjoining streets, craft shops and other jewellery shops attract the attention of shopping enthusiasts

Amsterdam, city of cyclists

Take a bike ride through the UNESCO World Heritage capital. It is indeed the preferred means of transportation for locals and there is a good chance you will be surprised by the number of bicycles that travel around the city every day. Reducing it to its coffee shops, its Red Light district or its Van Gogh museum is a real drag! The Venice of the North has no less than 1,200 bridges, a dozen or so museums, and bars of all kinds, an exceptional royal palace and, of course, a warm and friendly gastronomy. No need to take your bike, you will find some for very little money!

London, the unmistakable

The English capital is one of the trendiest cities in the world. Modern, contemporary and urban arts are mixed: huge thrift stores in Camden's markets, gastronomic pubs always very lively in the evenings, Punk and Rasta movements very present, clubs, museums, performances... London is a city in perpetual movement where everyone can find something for everyone. And if the city is impressive by its dimensions, it has a very large number of parks where you can sit on a bench with friends to remake the world or cross the path of a small squirrel. A perfect place for a weekend with friends.

Brussels, capital on a human scale

It's not just Manneka-Pis in the European capital! Between the architecture of the 17th century, the famous French fries and the 600 Belgian beers, the Atomium (their Eiffel Tower), the cathedral, the royal greenhouse and the many parks, Brussels meets all the criteria for a successful weekend with friends. What's more, the notoriously welcoming Belgians know how to party like nobody else! An excellent reason to go to a café in the evening after having taken the time to contemplate the Grand Place and its architecture or to visit the museums, including the comic strip museum, one of the most important in the world devoted to this art

Barcelona, the festive

Cosmopolitan par excellence, Barcelona is made up of a mix of nationalities, especially students who come to enjoy the electric atmosphere of this unmissable Mediterranean city. An essential stopover for partygoers from all over the world, it is a nightlife city. To meet there around a plancha on the seaside, for a stroll in the Güell Park or to visit its Sagrada Familia is part of the basics of a trip with friends. Barcelona is bustling with people day and night, but is incredibly peaceful. And what about its incredible architecture, from the monuments of Gaudí to the splendid Gothic Quarter

Reykjavik, the beauty of the north

Only 3 hours from Paris, it's a breath of fresh air waiting for the bands of friends in the Icelandic capital! You can bathe in the thermal waters and relax your muscles, watch the geysers, witness the Northern Lights, eat lobster soup, taste with dried fish... It's a guaranteed change of scenery. The Philharmonic, its numerous museums and its Harpa architecture complete this perfect little picture. And then from the old port, embarking to go and see the whales at sea is an experience that very few cities in Europe offer us the opportunity to experience

Istanbul, meeting place between East and West

A veritable Tower of Babel, Istanbul is a city of 1,000 faces! Culturally shared, gastronomically mixed, everything is intermingled in the Turkish capital. Incredible panoramas, gigantic places of worship symbolized by the impressive and unmissable Saint Sophia Basilica, dream beaches and watered-down evenings, Istanbul has it all. On one of the days, a cruise on the Bosphorus is not to be missed. It is an opportunity to look at the city from a different perspective, and to admire ancient palaces and mansions. You should also not forget to stroll through the Grand Bazaar, with its shops and fountains

Berlin, the alternative

Berlin is known as the queen mother of European capitals, but there's nothing ordinary about it. It is a city with a special atmosphere, a blend of art, culture and history. A refuge for artists, it's the place to be for anyone who wants to spend an extraordinary weekend with friends, especially in one of the many clubs that are always ready to welcome those who want to dance until dawn! During the day, the Museum Island is a great opportunity to focus on culture, with the Bode Museum, the Alte Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie. For history, head along the stretch of the Berlin Wall, to the Brandenburg Gate and the maze of the Holocaust Memorial

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