Cottbus (Chosebuz in Sorbian) is the capital of Lower Lusatia. With its 110,000 inhabitants, Cottbus is the most dynamic and largest city in Brandenburg after Potsdam. The old town has suffered from the war, but it still has medieval, baroque and classical buildings, which are quite well preserved. The lively streets of the pedestrian centre (a rare phenomenon in Brandenburg) make Cottbus a pleasant stay. Cottbus is also the cultural centre of the Sorbs of Lower Lusatia; before the war, the majority of the population was Slavic. We can still feel the presence of the minority in the city. In the course of its history, Cottbus, first mentioned in the 12th century but probably much older, has often changed influence (Saxon, Bohemian, Brandenburg, Saxon again, then Prussian). One can easily feel this crossroads position.

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