If marriage is one of the most beautiful days in the life of the bride and groom, there is another moment filled with complicity to be lived during the long period of preparations, a moment that also leaves some very beautiful memories in mind: the bachelor party and the bachelorette party. Let's take a special interest in the bride-to-be! There are many ways to make a lasting impression during a fun-filled day or weekend getaway. But far from the fancy-dress parades in the city centre where you take up the challenges set by your loved ones in the eyes of everyone, why not opt instead for a trip to a place full of charm and indulge in sports, relaxation, gourmet and artistic activities? Moments that are an opportunity to have a good time and share experiences where the protagonist is not under duress, but just discovers a pleasant setting and activities that she will take pleasure in sharing with her family and close friends. In Deauville, a mythical and elegant Normandy seaside resort, everything is there to make a bachelorette party a smooth transition to a new life

Find the ideal activities

To ensure that the bride-to-be has a long-lasting memory of her bachelorette party, it is important to carefully select the activities that will liven up the girls' weekend. And Deauville, in addition to being a town of remarkable architectural beauty and open to the sea, offers the possibility of participating in activities that are ideal for an EVJF. Exit the traditional aperitif at home, bad taste parades and moments that can make the bride-to-be uncomfortable, it's time to move on to glamorous experiences and make sure everyone participates enthusiastically in this memorable day. Deauville, as a city whose nickname is none other than the "21st arrondissement of Paris", home of the prestigious American Film Festival and internationally renowned, is a destination of choice for hosting a group of friends in a chic and distinguished setting.

It is here that activities that are sure to leave sweet memories in your mind can take place, such as a horseback ride on the beach and the discovery of local gastronomy during a cooking workshop, a sweet and savoury brunch that never ceases to surprise, or the tasting of wines and spirits. Why not also choose a relaxing moment at the spa or casino? Perfect places to let go, laugh, have fun, but also to relax and take care of yourself. And don't forget the trendy treasure hunt and the shopping trip to redo all your wardrobes! And then, what better place to be in a town like Deauville than in the spotlight and feel like a celebrity? A photo shoot with a professional photographer, the creation of a choreography during a dance class or the filming of a music video with playback vocals, aren't they perfect moments to shed light on the bride-to-be and make a dream come true? What's more, choosing group activities allows everyone to experience the stay 100%!

Deauville and its enchanting setting

Of course, a day or a weekend for a bachelorette party in Deauville is also a golden opportunity to discover a city that is sure to seduce all its visitors. Indeed, every year, many people come to discover this flagship destination on the French coast. Between two activities, the group of friends can treat themselves to a few joyful strolls on its 2 km long beach, which can be recognised by the presence of its unique, colourful and locally made parasols. It is also the ideal opportunity to visit the Planches, listed among the historical monuments, the 450 Art Deco booths and the fences on which are inscribed the names of actors and directors who passed through the city on the occasion of the American Film Festival

At another time, a stroll can lead to the heart of Old Deauville, simply to contemplate the half-timbered architecture of the buildings. For lovers of stone, one also takes the time to scrutinize the most beautiful villas down to the last detail, from Place Yves-Saint-Laurent to the Villa Strassburger, undoubtedly the most remarkable. Before returning to the hotel, a dinner in a restaurant allows you to enjoy a meal with the good taste of the sea, before heading back to the beach with friends to contemplate the sunset. Because when the weather permits, this time of day is simply divine in Deauville