214 km from Leh and 205 km from Srinagar. Altitude: 2,704 m. Wedged between Kashmir and the Indus Valley at the confluence of the Suru and Wakha Rivers, Kargil is the second largest city in Ladakh with 12,000 inhabitants. The vast majority of the population is Muslim (alcohol is therefore prohibited), a minority is Buddhist. Kargil was an important stage on the Silk Road. Later, the city fell victim to the conflicts between Kashmir and Pakistan. The gates of the city remained closed to tourists until 1974, leaving indelible marks because even today they are still rare. Yet Kargil remains an obligatory stopover during a trip in the region. However, we will not linger more than one night. Travellers newly arrived from Ladakh sometimes have difficulty acclimatizing to the city.

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