This park of 1,945 km2 forms a splendid collection of forests and pastures that are home to a wide variety of wildlife: leopards, tigers, lippus bears, gaurs (Indian bison), chitals (axis deer), sambars (deer), the extremely rare barasingha (swamp deer), muntjacs (Reeves' muntjac) and no less than 230 kinds of birds listed, not forgetting langurs, those grey monkeys recognizable by the "mask" they wear on their faces. Kanha is also very famous for its sals forest, these long trees with very hard wood. British settlers, eager to develop the railway in order to increase their control over the territory by facilitating the movement of military garrisons, set out in search of the ideal wood for shingles. After careful research, they set their sights on the saline, and placed the Kanha jungle in a protected area to ensure a stock, as growing the tree was almost impossible. This longstanding protection indirectly allowed the safeguarding of the local wildlife. Kanha became a national park in 1973 under the impetus of Indira Gandhi and Project Tiger.

Kanha National Park is an enchanting, incredibly preserved place, which allows a bucolic stopover in the heart of rural and tribal India. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful National Park in the north of the country. There are two entry points into the park, at Mukki in the south and Kathiya in the west, two villages that are home to numerous resorts and lodges to accommodate the growing number of tourists. No matter which tiger national park you go to, you'll always find someone to tell you that Rudyard Kipling was inspired by this place for his Jungle Book. Kanha is no exception to this legend, but in reality, if Kipling was born in Bombay and later returned there, it would seem that he travelled very little within the country. This book would therefore be the pure fruit of his imagination and the reading of local gazettes.

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