Agdz is a city that demands time. Moreover, Agdz in Berber means "place of rest". So we take the time to sit down, have a cup of tea, watch and listen to the stories we tell you. Because at first glance, the city of barely 11,000 inhabitants does not have any major attraction. Few tourists stop on the road between Zagora and Ouarzazate, and many cross Agdz thinking that it is only the central square of the Green March. Why don't you stop for a moment and take a stroll through the vegetable market under the arcades? The mosque dates back to the time of Mohammed V. The kasbah of Caïd Ali also deserves that you spend one or two hours there listening to its owners tell the story of the place. And instead of following the natural direction of the road to Ouarzazate (to the left), go straight ahead on a small road. You return to the city centre of Agdz, towards the palm grove, which deserves a visit by bike for example, and the main accommodations. Agdz marks the beginning of the Draa Valley and its palm groves of a thousand kasbahs. From a geographical and tourist point of view, its main attraction lies in the surprising Kissane djebel which overlooks the city at an altitude of 1,569m. You will be able to read the three sacred words in Morocco: "Allah. Al Watan. Al Malek," "God. The Nation. The King", in Arabic. The souk takes place on Thursdays and is on the road to Zagora.

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