30 kilometers past Tazzarine, here comes N'Kob and his procession of old kasbahs. Located at an altitude of 1,050 metres, N'Kob can be a perfect starting point for discovering the surrounding area. Ideally located between the Ziz and Drâa valleys, close to the Dades and Todra gorges, N'Kob also makes it possible to visit the Hammada desert, the pastures of the Saghro djebel and the canyons of the Amoum djebel. The region will also delight lovers of rock engravings dating from the Neolithic, and you can easily make hikes, mule or camel rides as well as mountain biking or 4x4 circuits. Many marble and fossil quarries and gold and silver mines can also be visited under certain conditions, to be seen on site. You can radiate in a star shape around the village and come back to sleep there in the evening, and this with pleasure, because N'Kob benefits from hotels that are really worth your time. N'Kob is known in the region as the city of 45 kasbahs: a record in Morocco. Strolling through the narrow streets of the town, then into the oasis is a pleasure, especially very early in the morning when the first fellahs arrive, or in the late afternoon, with the light that makes the ochre colour of the kasbahs shine. N'Kob is a quiet village, still isolated from the tourist masses of Zagora, although it should soon become a reference in the region.

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