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The most unusual beaches in the world

This year it's decided, you won't be satisfied with the usual white sand beach! The coastline is crowded as soon as the good weather arrives, very little for you: you want to discover new horizons, new scenery. What would you think then of green, pink or even starry sand to enjoy the sun or make colourful sand castles? The beaches we have selected will amaze you with their unique landscape, often the opposite of that of the most popular seaside resorts. From Australia to Spain via the Bahamas, they all go off the beaten track and promise an unparalleled experience for swimmers and photographers who will have a great time. Here is our world tour of the most unusual beaches, for an unforgettable and original summer

Maho Beach, between takeoff and landing

This beach on the Dutch part of the island of Saint-Martin is well known for its proximity to Juliana Airport: runway 10 is located just behind the swimmers who are brushed against each arrival of Boeing or Airbus! If the show is unusual and worth a visit, be careful at Maho Beach, as the engines blow hard, especially during the take-off phases. In addition, we clearly prefer the smell of sunscreen to that of kerosene!

Hot Water Beach, spa and beach

If you go to Hot Water Beach, south of Hahei in New Zealand, don't forget your shovel even if you are past the age of sand castles! Here, bathers dig in the sand to access the hot springs and enjoy a real small private spa. Be careful, temperatures can sometimes be very high and the beach very busy. The secret was quickly spread and we understand why!

The island of Rábida, a red beach in the Galapagos

Rábida, also known as Jervis, is a small uninhabited island in the Galapagos archipelago, located south of Santiago Island. A true natural sanctuary where a rich and varied fauna lives, it has a red sand beach probably due to its intense volcanic activity. When sea lions, pelicans and flamingos come to rest here, the spectacle is magnificent: one would almost forget to swim!

Scala dei Turchi, a staircase overlooking the sea

Sicily is full of beauty, Scala dei Turchi is one of them. The sea and erosion have dug this geological curiosity in the form of a staircase over the sea in Porto Empedocle. The whiteness of the chalk shines under the sun and contrasts sharply with the blue of the sea, forming a sumptuous setting. It is one of the favourite places of Sicilians and visitors when the sun comes out, so choose the end of the day to enjoy the tranquility of the site when the sun goes down

Pink sand beach, the pink life in the Bahamas

Pink sand beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. Located on Harbour Island, its pink sand is due to the tiny corals and shells crushed and swept by the ocean. In recent years, the pink beach has been a huge success on social networks. But beware, its sand is not a bright pink as you might think from the photos of some influencers: they are in fact already very impressive reflections

Papakolea, green sand in Hawaii

Papakolea beach in Hawaii has a very special sand because it is green! This colour is due to olivine, a mineral derived from volcanic rocks found in the sand. Seeing this natural wonder is worth it: to access it, you will have to take an extremely dented road that is almost impassable by car. The best way is to walk these 6 km round trip. This beach is one of the jewels of the archipelago, respecting its unique environment means ensuring its preservation over time

Shell Beach, the Australian shellfish beach

Shell beach looks like a heavenly beach with its crystal clear waters, yet its soil is frankly intriguing! Indeed, in Shell Beach you will not find white sand, but a succession of small shells for 60 km! This unusual landscape may not be ideal for dropping off your towel, especially since it is located not far from Denham in Australia's shark bay

The Giant's Causeway, a legendary beach

Giant's Causeway is one of the most unusual beaches in Northern Ireland and one of the most intriguing natural sites in the country. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these 40,000 basalt columns facing the sea form an almost surrealist landscape. The Giant's Causeway is at the heart of many Irish legends: it is said to be the work of the giant Finn Mccool who impressed so much and so well his main enemy that he made him flee by running, destroying this pavement in his path

Hoshizuna-no-Hama, walking on the stars

The island of Iriomote is one of Japan's natural treasures. Located in the Ryuku Archipelago, it is largely covered with jungle and has many wild beaches. Among them, Hoshizuma-no-Hama is an exception since its sand is not white, but starry. In reality, these small stars are fossilized mineral shells of molluscs. That leaves less dreamer, certainly, but it's just as beautiful!

Gulpiyuri, the small beach in the meadow

If you hadn't been convinced by our article encouraging you to visit Asturias, here is another good reason to discover this Spanish region: the beach of Gulpiyuri in Naves. Classified as a Natural Monument, reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, this one is unusual, especially for its location in the middle of the land. Supplied with sea water through a crack in the rock, it appears as an oasis in the middle of the meadow.

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