The old town of Kazachinskoye, founded in 1650, stretches for 5 km along the river. On the site of the former fortress there is now a timber company. The boat approaches the Kazachinsky rapids. At this place the current is 18-20 km/h and the waves sometimes rise up to 1.50 m. A pilot boat is required to guide the boats through the narrow channel. We then pass the village of Strelka (point of land), an important transit port at the confluence of two large Siberian rivers, the Lenisseï and the Angara. It is in this port that the Angara wood is loaded onto barges to be transported south to Krasnoyarsk or north to Igarka. Just past the village, where the Yenisei and the Angara rivers meet, the great river course opens up to view. But for several kilometres, the Angara, daughter of Baikal, differs from the Yenisei by its clear, bluish water. The bed of the Yenissei becomes much wider, deeper and more transparent.

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