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What to see, what to do Lisbon?

The 10 good reasons to go Lisbon

24_Museu nacional de archeologia © Pukka TV -

Heritage and history

In Lisbon, museums stand alongside Roman remains and palaces

19_Fête des saints en juin dans les rues de Lisbonne © Fernando - .jpg

The party at every corner

Lisbon has an intense nightlife, especially in summer!

03_© Benoit Daoust -

Treat your taste buds

Nata pasta from the oven, grilled chorizo, seafood, fresh fish, hum..

22_Fête des saints © trabantos - .jpg

Real traditions

The festivities are still going strong, as evidenced by the Santos Populares in June

17_©  RossHelen -

Sunshine almost all year round

Lisbon has a record sunshine rate! Even in winter, the weather is fine

18_Plage de Rainha, Cascais ©  trabantos -

White sandy beaches

Between the Cascais Riviera and the beaches of the south, you have a lot of choice.

21_Feijoada© Paulo Vilela -

A city with many faces

You can feel the Brazilian and African flavours in the music and the food

26_Street Art©Pavel Arzhakov -

Art in the street

Between improvised concerts and street art frescos, art is everywhere in Lisbon

04_Cabeca de Marmore -

Warmth... human

The hospitality and kindness of the Lisbon people will make you want to stay.

23_Ruelle étroite dans le quartier d'Alfama ©  Rolf E. Staerk -

Getting lost in the alleys

The best way to discover the city: walk along the colourful buildings

What to visit Lisbon?

guide de voyage,  - © Ljupco - iStockphoto

Lisbon's must-see attractions

Let's say it straight away: Lisbon will charm, enchant and amaze you all at the same time! The capital of Portugal is an attractive city that has made contrasts its uniqueness. A mix of periods and styles, popular and bobo, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes joyful, it radiates the pleasure it brings to its visitors. Because Lisbon is a European gastronomic capital, a wealth that it would be a pity to deprive oneself of. With sunny dishes ...


Interview: My Lisbon

by Charlène Dief, author of the guide

It was when Charlène left for Lisbon for a weekend at random that she fell in love with the city. She quickly decided to settle there and took part in a project mixing tourism and street-art, thanks to which she got to know the city of the seven hills. She loves discovering and sharing good tips, so it was only natural that she became an author of travel guides.

See the video of the interview

Good to know to visit Lisbon

Timetable Timetable

Opening hours are quite similar to those in France (between 9am and 7pm). Be careful, many historic sites have summer and winter schedules. Check their website carefully. Here, no breaks during the day to take a nap like their Spanish neighbours. If you do guided tours, take the morning session instead (especially in summer because of the heat). Closing days are generally Monday or Tuesday and December 25, January 1 and Easter

To be booked To be booked

There is no need to book in advance for the city's museums. If you go to Sintra and want to visit palaces, we advise you to book your ticket(s) on the internet before your stay. This will save you disappointment. In addition, you can benefit from a discount for a purchase of coupled tickets

Budget & Tips Budget & Tips

Tickets can be free or with discounts (up to 50%) for Lisboa Card holders, a pass sold at the Turismo de Lisboa branches. It is valid for a list of attractions for 24h, 48h or 72h. Some museums are free on the first Sunday of the month or on Sunday mornings. This is usually specified on their website. Possibility to visit museums free of charge on International Museum Day (May).

Main events Main events

THE big event in the city of Lisbon takes place in June. St. Anthony is celebrated on the evening of June 12, but there are demonstrations throughout the month. The Portuguese are looking forward to this as early as May

Guided tours Guided tours

At the Ask me Lisboa tourist office (, located on the Place du Commerce or Restauradores, you will find documentation on different types of guided tours and activities. There are panoramic buses in Lisbon that offer tours of the city (yellow bus- but also tours on more original themes such as food tours, bike rides along the Tagus, street art tours..

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