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Going out Lisbon : 177 Results

Practical information : Going out Lisbon


Bars open in the evening close at 2am on average, but they are often quite empty before midnight (Lisboetes leave home quite late). If in the past the night life of Bairro Alto lasted until the early hours of the morning, that time is over. Some places close later and the clubs, of course, are open until around 4-6am. To celebrate until dawn, you will have to go to Lux Fragil

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Looking for cheap cocktails? See you in the Bairro Alto. However, quality is not guaranteed. The price ranges vary greatly from one place to another and for a cocktail you can pay between 5 and 12 €. Beer is about 1.5-2 € for a half (an imperial).

Night transportNight transport

There are a few night buses, the subway stops at 1am. You have about one bus per hour. Otherwise taxis are the best way to get home if you don't want to walk

Age restrictionsAge restrictions

Alcohol is allowed from the age of 18. You may be asked for your ID at the entrance of some clubs.

What's very localWhat's very local

On weekends, the Lisboetes like to dine at each other's houses and then go out for a drink (or several drinks). Starting dinner around 8pm, they arrive in the bars shortly before midnight. Their favourite places are Bairro Alto, Bica and Intendente. Then, when the bars close, they go to the docks and Pink Street


Although the legislation is the same as in France, it is not yet applied here. Expect to see people smoking in bars and clubs almost everywhere

Tourist trapsTourist traps

You will often be offered drugs on the street in the evening (and sometimes during the day as well). Please be aware that although you may be told the opposite, this is not at all legal in Portugal. Moreover, some people sell "fake drugs", understand oregano etc. The municipality even did a poster campaign to warn people!