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Les incontournables de Johannesburg

For a long time forgotten by South African sightseeing tours, Johannesburg is nevertheless a city not to be missed under any circumstances. If it was at the heart of the dark history of Apartheid, it has risen from its ashes and continues to grow over time. It displays a dynamism and energy that makes you want to discover it from its different faces; to walk through its various typical neighbourhoods until you reach the Central Business ...

L'Afrique du Sud, hors des sentiers battus

Coming out of the path for the many visitors who travel south Africa is an exciting journey. The northeast is often crowded by travelers who often spend only a few days in Kruger Park before heading to the beaches of the south. On this land of contrasts, however, there are paths outside the beaten paths that deserve a detour. Explore a futuristic Africa with Jo 'burg and Durban, wild and mystical around Kruger Park, meet the Zulous, discover ...