The city is located on the road from Medenine-Dehibat to the Libyan border. After 50 km coming from Médenine, we pass the barracks, the national guard and the police station. Wisely lined up in a suburban area that precedes the city by a few kilometres, they are followed shortly afterwards by other administrative buildings and the regional hospital. Tataouine itself offers little tourist interest, but it is nevertheless pleasant to spend some time there and enjoy its atmosphere between two excursions to the surrounding ksour. One will appreciate in particular its market which drains, every Monday and Thursday, most of the farmers of the region. In fact, in use, the city has its charm. The shops and restaurants are very local, the architecture is pleasantly homogeneous. The men meet at the cafe to play dominoes. Don't miss, as much for the folklore as for its real interest, the handicraft shop of Moktar Megbli, avenue Bourguiba, which displays articles from French newspapers and guides dedicated to it since 1981. Gazelle horns are delicious and internationally recognized, you can find them in the Rue de la Poste. In the city centre, a small secondhand market also offers herbs and spices. At the southern exit, after the olive oil merchants in cans and carpets, the market at the exit to Remada, in a sort of wasteland, is worth its weight in picturesque: there, in tin boats, pomegranates and skimmers, brooms and drugstore, clothes and mats, mattresses and blankets are sold. In the area around Tataouine, the women wear very colourful veils with a mix of red, yellow and blue.

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