Top 10 destinations where the sun is strongest

When the winter points to the end of his nose, one idea comes to mind, you exile under the sun exactly! But it's better to beware of this good old solar asterisk that allocates its random heat to the Earth. Some parts of the globe are subjected to almost infernal temperatures that would quickly cause you to regret the winter mercury of the last few days. Several criteria come into play and some parts of the world, deserts and places that are little or not populated, for example, are subject to these extreme climatic conditions. The World Meteorological Organization identifies these high temperatures and some of these measures are cold in the back!

N° 10 - Phalodi, the city of all recordsIn

2016, India experienced an extreme temperature with a mercury reaching 51 degrees! Although the country is often confronted with infernal climatic conditions, the city of Phalodi, located in the Rajasthan region, this year broke its own record of 50.6 degrees set in 1956. While it is not uncommon to see temperatures rise considerably in May and June in India, exceeding 50 degrees remains a major weather event, you will agree!

# 9 - Faulaka, the burning island

In Kuwait is the island on which the country's highest temperature was identified. It is the small island of Failaka with an area of 43 km 2, which reached the extreme temperature of 51.8 ° in 2012! During this period of great heat, the entire country saw the thermometer take off at certain hours of the day. Located at the entrance to Kuwait Bay, the small island of Failaka held a very important role during the Gulf War because important military devices were installed there (and the inhabitants were expelled from their land!) Today, it is very little visited and only a few fishermen live there.

N ° 8 - Lout's desert incandescent

Deserts have a distinct advantage in this race at the most extreme temperature. In Iran, the Lout Desert recorded a temperature barely believed in 2005: 70.7 °! It is one of the warmest deserts in the world with temperatures reaching without difficulty 65 °. Located in Kermân Province, this multi-hundred kilometer desert is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The particularity of this desert lies in the presence of violent winds that cause a huge wind erosion, an exceptional work of nature!

N ° 7 - Kébili, hot-hot destination

Tunisia is one of the favorite destinations of the French in lack of sun and heat. In Kébili, in the south of the country, they are not at risk of being disappointed! In July 1931, he was 55 °, the heat record of the entire African continent. A temperature that has been hit many times between 1920 and 1933. Summer is beautiful, summer is hot in Kébili, it's a constant!

N ° 6 - Athens, capital of heat

Athens is the largest city in Greece and attracts tourists every year from around the world. Thanks to its unique and historical architecture, its privileged geographical location - the feet in the water - and its generous sun, the city is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday! In fact, Europe does not have to blush with the extreme bats that have been identified throughout the world. In July 1977, Athens reached the 48 °, the highest heat ever recorded in Europe!

N ° 5 - Caliente Rivadavia

Direction Argentina to enjoy the warmth of South America! In Rivadavia, a small town located south of Salta, a temperature of 49.6 ° was raised in December 1905. Located more than 527 meters above sea level, this small town had just over 1,600 inhabitants in 2001. Since 1905, the temperature has never repeated its feat, although the region remains relatively warm at certain times of the year - as in the rest of the country!

N ° 4 - Oodnadatta, dry point

Australia and its kangaroo also show its heat records. In January 1960, the country recorded a temperature of 50.7 ° in the small atypical town of Oodnadatta. A sign in the city also announces the color: «The city, the state and the continent's driest continent.» " At least you won't be able to say you weren't warned! " In this small hamlet of less than 300 inhabitants, almost one third of whom are aboriginals, there is a station, service station, general food store and hotel restaurant, all concentrated in a single establishment, The Pink Roadhouse, now a tourist attraction.   

# 3 - Tirat Zvi burns hot and cold

In Asia too, some regions are sometimes subject to extreme temperatures! In Tirat Zvi in Israel, mercury climbed to 53.7 ° in 1940 and only rarely fell below the 40 ° summer bar. Its geographical location, below sea level, also guarantees very cold temperatures in winter. People must adapt to this great temperature gap. Founded in 1930, Tirat Zvi is the first religious kibbutz. Its members adapted their work according to the weather, avoiding extreme heat hours, and living at the rhythm of the solar ascus.

# 2 - Heavy heat in the Death Valley

Not surprisingly, the Death Valley, located between Nevada and California, has been, since 2012, regarded as the place on earth where the sun heats most throughout the day since the daily average temperature is 47 °. In this extremely arid area, the temperature reached 56.7 ° in 1913. The National Park of the Dead Valley is located 85 meters below sea level in Badwater and measures more than 13,600 km 2! Located in the Mojaves Desert, it was promoted to the national park in 1994, and is considered one of the driest places in North America, where summer temperatures fly! If you want to visit the Valley of Death, don't forget your gourd!

N ° 1 - El Azizia, the hottest point?

In 1922, the El Azizia Desert, located north of Libya, 55 km from the city of Tripoli, recorded a temperature of 57.8 °! A record that will ultimately not be validated by the World Meteorological Organization given the conditions and measuring instruments of the time. Inconsistencies doubt the veracity of this rise in mercury. This region will retain its title for almost 90 years before its removal.

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