These three bordering communes each have their own particularities. First of all, Saint-Nectaire shares its name with a delicious cheese from the region. There is a salt spring and thermal springs whose virtues have been known since ancient times. Chambon-sur-Lac is a small tourist village that owes a lot to its lake located 2 km away. The latter was formed by the appearance of the Tartarret volcano, barely 10,000 years ago. Beach, windsurfing base, mini-golf, picnic area... attract a lot of people in summer (Label Famille Plus). The fishermen also come to fill their musette with carp, pike and pike-perch. Walkers will not be disappointed. Going around the lake is a pleasant walk, which can be extended a little by climbing up to the Dent du Marais. Finally, the village of Murol is located at an altitude of 850 m, in the valley of the Couze Chambon, on the eastern slope of the Sancy massif, between the wooded volcano of Tartaret, the promontory of the castle of Murol (13th century) and the puy de Bessolles (1,057 m). The economic life of the village benefits from the tourist attraction of the lake of Chambon and the ski resort of Super-Besse.

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