Bosa (8,000 inhabitants) is one of the jewels of Sardinia! This small historical town with a very rich architecture has a very aesthetic look between its castle perched on the hill, its old town leaning against it and the banks of the river Temo where historical town on one bank and old tanneries on the other are facing each other. The hostile terrain has prevented too many modern buildings from being built around the town, and the fact that it is only 2 km from the sea means that it has not developed into a seaside resort. Its isolation means that apart from the tanneries, which have left a rather appreciable architectural heritage, the town has not really taken the lead in industrial development . In short, it retains a very authentic atmosphere, its alleys are full of picturesque and friendly atmosphere typical of the old towns of southern Italy. Tourism blends quite harmoniously into local life.

The sea is also nearby, in Bosa Marina, where there is a pretty beach and the Spanish tower; the wild and steep surroundings give the impression that Bosa is a bit alone in the world, stuck on its small coastal basin.

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