When the tectonic movements separated Corsica from Sardinia, the sea rushed into the corridor created by the distance between the two granite lands, leaving only the highest reliefs visible on its surface. This is how the archipelago of La Maddalena was born, composed of seven main islands: La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria, not to mention a host of small surrounding islands: Mortorio, Soffi, Nibani, Capuccini... The "Seven Sisters" were awarded the title of Geomarine National Park. With its 12,000 ha and 180 km of coastline, it is the first national park created in Sardinia. It was about time because every year cohorts of tourists arrive here, seduced by its granite rocks sculpted by the wind, its crystalline waters and its small paradisiacal beaches. These islands of great beauty are also lands of History, marked by events and historical figures as famous as Napoleon, Garibaldi, Nelson or Mussolini.

The archipelago is also a superb spot for scuba diving enthusiasts: here huge granite rocks characterize the landscapes of this colorful lowland. Lobsters and moray eels can be found among the sea stones, up to 30 m deep.

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