Good nutrition, regular physical activity and quality sleep are essential for health and well-being. To find out how to take action on your health on a daily basis, Macif invites you to the Tanzmatten on 10 October for its "Health & Well-being Meetings", a free event open to all.

Deciphering food labels, the benefits of cardiac coherence, Nordic walking, laughter therapy... a rich programme awaits you, with a dozen workshops offered in small groups. So many opportunities to learn about new practices with the advice of experts, or simply to get informed.

Two round tables will also punctuate this day: "Food and health, who to believe? "with a sociologist and a dietician, and "Sport at all ages and in all its forms".
Stands will be freely accessible from 10am to 6pm, including an escape game on indoor air pollution, advice on your diet, the benefits of cycling, an animation "the sleep train", or the presence of the Sélestat Pleine Page bookshop.

"NASH or junk food disease", lecture by Dr. Lannes.

At 6pm, Doctor Dominique Lannes, Hepato-Gastroenterologist, liver specialist, will talk to you about "NASH, the junk food disease". NASH is a silent, symptomless disease that insidiously degrades the liver. According to him, it is essential to communicate about current, harmful eating disorders and the eating behaviours to put in place to prevent this pathology, described by health authorities as the "scourge of the century". This dramatized conference will be an opportunity to take out public enemy number one, sugar.

Our partners will be present throughout the day to answer your questions. Access to workshops and conferences is also free and open to all. However, the number of places is limited, so don't forget to register!

Find the detailed program and registration details on the official website of the event.
The animations, workshops, round tables and conferences will take place in compliance with COVID-19 measures.
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