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TOP 10 Halloween Destinations of Hell

Halloween, a famous overseas party, is actually born in Ireland. In the Middle Ages, the festival "Samhain", "end of summer" in Gaelic, celebrated the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. During this period, the dead returned from the afterward to visit the world of the living. Today, the festival of October 31 is not celebrated with the same fervor in the world. Some countries are not celebrating it at all, while for others it is a real institution that sometimes prepares months in advance! Witches, vampires and monstrous creatures, prepare for a round of the world not like the others…

N ° 1 - Britain 

An old English tradition tells us that families were gathering once this evening on October 31 to eat hazelnuts around the fire and tell stories. Hence his nickname, «The Night of the Hazelnut». Also known as Mischief Night, children no longer have rules during this evening. They travel the streets in their special clothing in search of sweets. They have fun playing games like "apple bobbing", which consists of crashing an apple hung on a thread without the help of its hands… the little vampires have a net advantage! For great children, some cities like London, organize in the biggest clubs, nightclubs! …

N ° 2 - Canada

The pumpkin is in the heart of Halloween, the people of Quebec enjoy self-harvest in the fields. The vegetables are then emptied and carved as frightening faces. A tradition in tribute to Jack 'O' Lantern, a Irish marshal, condemned to wander into darkness with the only light, a brass offered by the devil and deposited at the time, in a hollowed-up turnip. Children take their most beautiful disguise to ring the doors of decorated houses. Some do not begrudge decorations recreating a mortuary atmosphere. Ghosts, mood music, smoke, and creatures of all kinds come to test the bravery of the little gourmets!

N ° 3 - Mexico 

The 1 st and 2 nd November called «Dia de los Muertos» are two days entirely devoted to the dead. Far from being a dark mortuary event, it is an opportunity to celebrate the return of the dead on earth. Spirits do not come to frighten the poor, but simply to visit their families. Mexicans find themselves in the cemeteries to dance, sing, and table offerings like small heads of sugar. Altars are also prepared with flowers, garlic, candles in tribute to the dead. Orange, red, pink, it's a colorful event! 

N ° 4 - The United States 

" Trick or Treat "! This is the ultimatum launched by young Americans, under witches, ghosts and other vampires. The deal is simple: " candy or a spell! " " Haunted Manoirs or Terrifying Parades, activities are organized in major cities like New York where in Central Park, a pumpkin fleet crosses Lake Harlem Meer. " The pumpkins invade the houses, they serve as decoration and are also on the plate in several decks of the entrance to dessert. And if you dare it on this particular day, why not take a tour by Salem in Massachusetts, the famous witches city…

N ° 5 - Japan

Celebrating Halloween is not a part of Japanese culture. Yet the streets of Tokyo are increasingly invaded by costumed people, often around the theme of mangas. This party has no value in the dominant religions in Japan, takes a rather commercial turn and more conducive to fun than a real collection. Many theme evenings are organized on the evening of October 31 and pumpkins grow on the displays of shops, accompanied by numerous decorations. The Japanese don't hesitate to spend fortunes to get a much less «kawai» suit than frightening!

N ° 6 - Ireland 

In Halloween's country of origin, the main events are gigantic fireworks that are thrown into the sky. In the streets of Dublin, the traditional parade and its fearful creatures wander through the streets. Unavoidable in the Celtic tradition, the Irish taste «barmbracks», kinds of Halloween kings. These fruit breads contain a small object announcing an event. Discovering a ring announces a wedding, a piece assures you to roll on gold, and conversely, a piece of fabrics provides for difficult months…

N ° 7 - Spain

The "Castanyada" or "Chestnut Festival" in French is held on November 2 in Spain. In commemoration to the dead, everyone deposits a candle to its window with the aim of guiding spirits. Religion is very important in the country, and people take advantage of the opportunity to follow masses, before enjoying a meal, surrounded by family, close friends and benevolent spirits. Some cookies such as the "panellets", composed of almonds and pine pills, are traditionally on the table. In addition to this mortuary commemoration, the night of October 31, the Spanish are disguised, and parades and theme parties are organized.

N ° 8 - Australia 

Halloween began with the Zombie Walk in French at the beginning of October. On October 26, the city of Sydney organizes a gigantic parade during which some costumes give cold in the back! A recent excitement for Halloween's party because Australians were at first rather reluctant to celebrate this party in American culture. In recent years, more and more parties and disguised evenings are organized in major cities like Melbourne on October 31.

# 9 - Hong Kong 

" Chung Yeung Festival "in French the" Festival of Ancestors ", takes place on October 9 in Hong Kong. Families go to the graves to make offerings to the gods. As far as October 31 is concerned, it's a terrifying feast… but especially the opportunity to have fun! On the streets, everyone's wearing his craziest suit. Between candy distributions and game stands along the Avenue des Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui, the party is full in Hong Kong! For the bravest, Disneyland Park offers a frightening evening. The opportunity to live "the nightmare experience", a nightmare moment in this fabulous place, with all the bad guys imagined by Walt Disney.

N ° 10 - Romania

The Château de Bran in Transylvania is more known as "Château de Dracula"! During this period of Halloween, the festivities begin in the courtyard of the castle with a terrifying masked ball. To the program: Campfire, tasting of Dracula culinary specialties, and many other surprises. Frightening attire required! Throughout the region, too, many events and activities are organized on the streets. Shows, traditional meals are offered, especially in Sighisoara, the birthplace of Dracula, which means "son of the devil" in Romanian…

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