10 destinations to completely disconnect

The phone is ringing all the time, emails are accumulating and your computer is overheating? It's time to take a break and fly away for a few days of digital detox! Given our near dependence on technology today, disconnected holidays are becoming more and more popular. Discovering isolated destinations allows you to get closer to nature and forget your often overloaded schedule. Here are our 10 favorite destinations for a total disconnection!

N°10 - The Republic of Palau, a jewel of the Pacific

It is one of the leading eco-tourism destinations today. This small archipelago located off the Philippines includes more than 300 islets and 26 islands. It is a paradise for divers who come to discover its crystal clear waters where fishing is prohibited. The Jellyfish lake is one of the main attractions: you dive into this lake in the middle of millions of totally harmless jellyfish since no predators threaten them. Relaxation and relaxation guaranteed!

No.9 - Kakadu National Park and its Aboriginal treasures, Australia

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kakadu National Park is Australia's largest national park. Its crocodile-populated mangrove swamps and swamps with poisonous snakes attract the most adventurous travellers. Remains of Aboriginal culture are also found in over 20,000 year-old rock art galleries. We take a look at it and forget our cell phones in the locker room!

N°8 - The "Parque nacional los Glaciares", emblem of the vast Patagonian spaces

The "Parque nacional los Glaciares" is one of the most beautiful shows in South America. It extends south of Patagonia, in a region of extreme landscapes: on one side, the arid pampa and on the other, a huge ice cap. The Fitz Roy, a glacier with a peak of 3,400 m, dominates the park. To discover this white paradise, nothing beats a glacial hike: a successful "digital detox"!

No. 7 - Lewis and Harris Islands, centres of Gaelic culture

The Hebrides are one of the most westerly territories in the world, before Greenland: a guaranteed change of scenery! Lewis and Harris form a large Scottish island covered by many lochs and desert white sandy beaches. If the climate does not always allow you to enjoy it, you can admire the rich historical heritage of the surrounding area: from the stones raised from Callanish to Trussell Stone, a gigantic isolated menhir

N°6 - The Svalbard Archipelago, the Norwegian ice pack

Located in the icy Arctic Ocean, the Svalbard Archipelago is located on the edge of the permanent ice pack in Norway. From mid-October to mid-February, it is completely plunged into darkness before revealing itself under constant light the rest of the year, for a stunning spectacle. Whether you travel there on foot, by boat or by sled, the priority remains to preserve this far too fragile nature, which is subject to various climate changes

N°5 - Les Agriates, European desert

France harbours treasures and the Agriates desert, in the north of Corsica, is certainly one of the best guarded! Wild bushes, pine forests and white sandy beaches: time seems to have stood still. The beaches of Lotu and Saleccia are accessible by boat shuttle from Saint-Florent or Ile-Rousse, but the most adventurous will prefer to take the rough track that crosses the maquis: bring good shoes or quality shock absorbers!

No. 4 - The Pitcairn Islands, far from the crowd

If you're tired of the city crowds, head for the Pitcairn Islands! This British overseas territory has the particularity of being the least populated country in the world, with only 70 inhabitants. Of its 4 atolls - Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno - only Pitcairn is inhabited. You can admire the splendid seabed before swimming in the deep blue natural pools... To enjoy this gentle tranquility, you will need several days by boat from New Zealand

N°3 - Skyros and Greek sweetness

The Greek islands attract many tourists every year: Corfu, Rhodes or Santorini are among the most popular. Far from these crowded sites, the Sporades archipelago is one of the most unknown in the country. Wild and lively, its southernmost island - Skyros - charms visitors with its diverse landscapes: green in the north and arid in the south. The atmosphere is authentic and relaxing on its wild beaches and narrow streets. A little paradise to preserve!

N°2 - Molokai Island, a Hawaiian paradise

Aloha! Welcome to the fifth island of the Hawaii archipelago: Molokai. Its 8,000 inhabitants protect their land while seeking to protect it from mass tourism development. There are no shopping malls or skyscrapers here: we come to enjoy the deserted beaches. Historically known for its former leper colony on the Kaulaupapa peninsula, Molokai is also home to the largest coral reef in the United States. An extraordinary site to discover without further delay!

No. 1 - Ilha Grande, Brazilian refuge

Rio de Janeiro charms visitors with its effervescence, but if you feel the need to recharge your batteries on a trip to the maravilhosa cidade, Ilha Grande is the place to go! This ecological sanctuary is the largest island in the bay of Angra dos Reis. Here, no car: you can travel by boat or on foot through the jungle to reach splendid creeks or the famous beach of Lopes Mendes with its white sand

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