Be careful in the middle of summer, crossing the Charles Bridge is an achievement. It is a continuous queue, in one direction and then in the other, and throughout it is a series of tourist catchers that must be avoided. Needless to say, it spoils the fun! Be aware that Prague is a lively city all year round with festivals and events that can be a good excuse for a stay. The Prague Jazz Festival is scheduled for one month in the spring, the Prague Spring Festival begins on the anniversary of the death of composer Bedrich Smetana and offers a rich and prestigious programme of classical music concerts between May 12 and June 3 ( In June, the Vltava Music Festival (United Island of Prague) is more eclectic and offers concerts on each island in the centre of Prague on different musical themes: jazz or rock every year in early June ( For All Saints' Day, the cemeteries are abundantly decorated with candles, providing a magical atmosphere for visitors. Christmas offers other festivities. Prague under the snow looks magical and celebrating New Year's Eve in the Czech capital is not lacking in charm. The high tourist season extends from mid-May to the end of September. Prices are then high, especially during long weekends in May. It is therefore preferable to leave in April or October to avoid the crowds, the summer heat in summer and the cold and dry climate of winter. However, from the end of July to 15 August, the city experienced a relative tourist calm during which hotel rates were reduced by 10 to 20%. Hotel rates are at a new peak between Christmas and New Year's Day and it is preferable to book well in advance.

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