The old town of Rhodes is surrounded by medieval walls: these fortifications transport the traveller back to the glorious times of the Knights. It is one of the most precious jewels of the Mediterranean basin: the city has survived through the centuries, nourishing itself with various influences through successive occupations, before reaching us, rich in a thousand-year-old history. Unfortunately, this incredible site is a victim of its success and of mass tourism: the souvenir shops that follow one another on the main arteries take away a little from the decorum. Make an effort of abstraction by closing your eyes to these shops made in China, get lost in the less visited streets and sneak into the winding alleys spared by the tourists. You will discover a very special atmosphere, rich in thousands of stories and you will be able to admire 14th century palaces, Ottoman mosques, Byzantine churches, enjoy the small lively squares, discover the Jewish quarter and its beautiful synagogue... A mixture of East and West of unequalled richness.

In the new city, concrete dominates. But the Italian occupation (1912-1943) marked a prosperous period for the architecture and town planning of the city at the gates. The Italians also had time to make a significant effort in conservation and excavations. In the new town, they were responsible for the preservation of old neoclassical residences, with the colourful style typical of the 19th century. The large administrative and public buildings that came to us from the Italians give a charm to the new town, which is also teeming with life. It is in these districts that you will find the authentic Rhodes, that of the locals and year-round residents. It is also there that you will find large beaches that seem endless: the modern city is finally very pleasant.

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