If you have the opportunity to choose, the best times to travel to Athens are spring and autumn. The ideal conditions are in place between Easter and the end of June. The weather is mild, tourists are still few, while transport is already organized for the summer season. Unfortunately, in the city centre, hotel prices reach their maximum. The same from the end of August to mid-October, when the heat subsides and the climate returns to mild. In addition, the cultural season is resuming and activities are multiplying. In winter, the capital is also very pleasant with a dry and mild climate and a beautiful brightness. In July and August the city empties of its premises, which go on holiday on the islands. It is not like on the islands in the high tourist season. On the contrary, hotel prices generally fall during this period. To enjoy a great popular celebration, opt for a trip to Easter (see the Orthodox calendar). It is a great popular and warm celebration for about ten days. Prices increase by 9% due to religious tax. There is also the feast of the Epiphany, on January 6, where houses are blessed, on Pure Monday, the first day of Lent, an opportunity to gather with friends around traditional dishes. On that day, the young people will fly their kites on the beaches. Easter (Pascha) with Holy Week is certainly the most important holiday and one of the most important moments in Greece. Firecrackers and fireworks mark the end of the celebration. The faithful return home with a candle lit by the Jerusalem flame and mark the top of their front door with a black cross. Your tour guide will teach you even more about local customs and traditions

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