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Spring in Dubrovnik: 10 good reasons to visit the city before summer

Located on the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik is a jewel of the Adriatic and a true open-air museum. Its old walled city is full of treasures, and every alleyway has something to reveal about its thousand-year-old history. Museums, art galleries, events of all kinds, Dubrovnik is also a city with a thirst for culture. And then, there is the exceptional geographical location that makes you want to escape from the city walls for a few moments to the beautiful hilly nature, the surrounding islands and the beaches, under a climate that remains mild in all seasons. Lovers of architecture, gastronomy and culture, Dubrovnik is particularly beautiful in spring, and here are 10 good reasons to visit the Croatian city just before summer

1- Stroll peacefully along the ramparts

They are one of the city's many prides. Dubrovnik is one of the few cities in Europe where almost all the walls have been remarkably preserved. For nearly 2 kilometers, the walk reveals to visitors incredible walls built in the 10th century, then modified a little later, in the 13th and 14th centuries. Imposing, their role was obviously to protect the city from invaders, and for that the builders did not hesitate to build walls whose width reaches in certain places 6 meters! The ramparts are a must-see in Dubrovnik, and a springtime stroll allows you to examine them in great detail, and in complete peace of mind.

2- Stroll along the Stradun, the city's main artery

It is impossible to visit Dubrovnik without walking along the Stradun, which joins the Pile gate to the Ploče gate. This pedestrian street allows you to admire beautiful stone facades, and to pass in front of some of the main monuments of the city: the Dominican monastery, the Franciscan monastery, the great fountain of Onofrio and the Sponza Palace. If spring is an ideal season to walk along this street, it is because the sun is generous and because it allows you to avoid the tourists who come in great numbers in the middle of summer. It is then easier to take advantage of the stores, the jewelry stores and the terraces of cafés and restaurants

3- Enjoy the local gastronomy

With the arrival of spring in Dubrovnik, it is the perfect time to sit on a terrace and enjoy the local gastronomy. The city is full of good places to eat that feature the good products grown in the fertile lands around the city. For example, tomatoes, zucchini from Dupa Dubrovačka or cabbage from Konavle. Most of the dishes are prepared with olive oil, for a cuisine that wants to be of Mediterranean inspiration. Oysters, fish and seafood are particularly honored. You can taste tagliatelle with squid ink, black risotto and octopus salad from Dalmatia. Meat lovers are not left out, with smoked meat and the inevitable cevapcicis, a kind of Croatian sausage. All this is accompanied by a good glass of wine: Plavac or Dingač for red wine lovers, Pošip for white wine lovers.

4- Discover the most beautiful heritage

Dubrovnik's rich heritage has earned it a place on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. With the calmness that reigns in the city in spring, it is a good time to visit some of its most beautiful monuments. We start with the Cathedral of the Assumption, destroyed in 1667 by an earthquake but rebuilt in a sumptuous Baroque style. Its altars and paintings are worth seeing. In the same area, that is to say in the square of the Lodge, we take the opportunity to visit the church of Saint Blaise, a beautiful Venetian baroque temple, the column of Orlando, the Clock Tower and the Rector's Palace, which shines with its architecture mixing Gothic and Renaissance touches.

5- Wander through museums and art galleries

Dubrovnik's main cultural sites are often crowded during the summer months. So an expedition to the Dalmatian city in the spring allows you to enjoy Dubrovnik's museums more serenely. Go to the archaeological museum to see pieces dating from the Neolithic period to the 16th century; to the War of Independence museum to understand how the Yugoslav conflict affected the city; to the museum of modern art to see more than 2,500 works, and to the ethnographic museum to see regional costumes and other historical objects of the territory. And don't hesitate to get lost in the narrow streets of the old town to visit the many art galleries in Dubrovnik.

6- Discover the filming locations of the Game of Thronesseries

Dubrovnik has been discovered by the whole world with the success of the series Game of Thrones. As a result, many tourists want to visit the city to see the filming locations. To make sure that you can make an excursion with a guide, a spring trip is recommended. You will discover the historical sites of Dubrovnik in the series and how they have been transformed. The tour leads to Fort Lovrijenac, the Jesuit staircase of St. Ignatius Church where Cersei's "Walk of Shame" takes place, and the sites of the King's Landing rebellions

7- Outdoor activities in the Konavle Valley

Travelers who love nature activities have plenty to do during a stay in Dubrovnik. In no time, they can reach the green Konavle Valley. A multitude of trails run through the beautiful Croatian countryside, and hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking are all possible. The Konavle Valley is made up of rich vegetation, vineyards and paths that run along the sea. After the exercise, you can enjoy the tasting of a great Dalmatian wine in an estate

8- Reach the summit of Mount Srđ for a breathtaking view

On beautiful spring days, when the temperatures remain pleasant without reaching the summer peaks, all the conditions are met to take the trail that leads to Mount Srđ, located at an altitude of 405 m. Once at the top, the panorama is simply breathtaking, with the street on the old town surrounded by its walls, on the sea, the island of Lokrum and those of the Elaphites. For those who dread the climb, a cable car offers the route from the north of the walls. The expedition is then extremely fast, and particularly beautiful at the time of the sunset.

9- Join the islands off Dubrovnik

600 meters off the coast of Dubrovnik, the island of Lokrum is a small paradise. A real haven of peace, mainly animated by the sounds of peacocks and rabbits that thrive there in numbers. The atmosphere is particularly calm before the summer, along the paths and on the beaches shaded by tall trees. For a memorable experience, don't hesitate to reach the island of Lokrum by kayak. On another day, head for the Elaphite archipelago during a cruise from Dubrovnik. There are 14 beautiful islands, most of which are uninhabited. On the spot, the luxuriant nature and the beaches with crystal clear waters invite you to relax

10- Have a good time in a special place: the Lazareti

This complex of buildings, built in the 17th century and located 300 meters from the historic walls of Dubrovnik's old town, was once a quarantine center for lepers. Today it is a real cultural center on the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, with stores, restaurants and a wide range of cultural events. You can watch movies, go to art exhibitions and come back in the evening to dance to the sound of great DJs who come to set the dancefloor alight. A place not to be missed for art lovers and nightlife enthusiasts

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