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Plate millesim 2022

Municipal tourist office suggesting a program of festivities and free concerts in the port of Rovinj.

Among the many private tourist offices, this municipal tourist office is located on the port. It can help you with information about the historical city and its region, different types of accommodation (although it is recommended to book in advance), local activities and leisure, excursions, seaside tourism, visits, cultural agenda, natural heritage, geological park, program of festivities and free concerts in the port. For example, in summer, the nightly candlelight processions of the Batana boats.

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Open every day from 8am to 10pm in summer, Monday to Saturday from 8am to 3pm the rest of the year.

Additional information

Island - Presqu'ȋle

The history of Rovinj begins on the ancient island of Mons Albain. The first archaeological traces date back to the end of the Bronze Age and the historic centre was built in the third century. However, at the beginning of the 18th century, the city expanded beyond its walls and in 1763 the inhabitants filled in the canal between the island and the land. So, the historical center of the city is located on a peninsula. The old town is a witness of the past times and the precious hands of the local craftsmen. The limited space led to the construction of narrow buildings, narrow streets and small squares. One of the peculiarities of the town are its characteristic chimneys. For this reason the town is classified as a cultural monument.

Saint Euphémie Church

The baroque structure of Venetian style and the largest monument of the city, remodeled from 1725 to 1736. This imposing church was built in place of the small 10th century church of St. George, who is still the co-patron of the parish and whose statue is on the main altar of the church. From the 800s, the church houses the sarcophagus with the relics of St. Euphemia, a Christian martyr, and the inhabitants of the surrounding towns come here on pilgrimage. The construction of the bell tower began on December 3, 1651 according to the project of the Milanese architect Alessandro Milan. The bell tower was built according to the same model as the campanile of St. Mark's Square in Venice. The construction took 26 years. The large copper statue of St. Euphemia, the work of the Vallani brothers of Maniago (1758), stands at the top of the bell tower, on the same site as the original wooden statue, destroyed by lightning in 1756. The statue is positioned so that it rotates around its axis by the power of the wind. The bell tower was completely rebuilt in 1834, after serious lightning damage.

Islands of Rovinj and the coastal area

These natural landscapes are among the "remarkable landscapes". This is not surprising, because the highly indented coastline, the forests of holm oaks and Aleppo and Brutian pines, and the specific agricultural areas capture by a preserved beauty. "Remarkable landscape" extends from Cape St. John to Barbariga, includes all twenty islands and islets of Rovinj and the coastal area within 500 meters from the shore. The Red Island with its 23 hectares is the largest archipelago island of Rovinj, while behind it lies the beautiful Katarina Island, a real curiosity in the world of flora - where botanists have recorded 456 species of plants.

Cap d'or Forest Park

Together with the Trsteno Park in Dubrovnik, the Golden Cape is the most important park on our coast. With thousands of native and domesticated plants, such as the vast forest of oaks and Aleppo pines, and many exotic species brought in, cedar, pine, and a dozen species of cypress that emphasize a Mediterranean atmosphere. In the forest park you can find the info-desk with all the information about climbing and bird watching. Free brochures about the forest park "Zlatni rt" can be obtained at the Tourist Office in Rovinj.

Batana and bitinade

Rovinj has always faced the sea. A centuries-old fishing tradition has been preserved until today and the "Batana" has become a symbol of the harmonious coexistence of the inhabitants of the old town and the Adriatic Sea. The "Batana" reflects the customs, traditions, language, habits, mentality and spiritual atmosphere of Rovinj and its inhabitants. Because of the wooden construction that has survived until today, these flat-bottomed boats are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The tradition of "Batana" is inseparable from the "Bitinada" which represents the musical tradition of Rovinj and an original expression of folk songs. According to the tradition, the "Bitinada" emerged among the fishermen of Rovinj, who for hours were in their boats, or while fishing or while repairing their nets.

Today the arts of "Bitinada" and "Batanas" are classified as intangible goods under the protection of the Ministry of Culture. Several times a week, visitors can take part in the "Batana" tour, part of the "Batana Procession" with lanterns and dinner in Spaccio. The procession starts with a visit to the "Batana House" eco-museum, and then the tour in "Batana" around the old town and ends with a dinner and entertainment listening to "Bitinada" in the Spaccio Matika tavern.


Relax and enjoy the hospitality, kindness and professionalism of your hosts who offer you the gastronomic experience of Istria, a unique blend of authentic Mediterranean cuisine and the richness of pleasant fruits, our interpretation of the best tradition of European and world cuisine.

Enjoy rich gastronomic offers and unique aromas:

mediterranean cuisine from Istria, based on fresh seasonal ingredients

fish dishes prepared from freshly caught fish

wild asparagus dishes,

istrian ham, bacon, sausage and pork loin, venison

istrian truffles

We cannot forget the olive oil, the famous Istrian wines and the unique "Rovinjski Bitters" (bitter liqueur in natural colours, natural aroma and flavour of wormwood - Arthemisia absinthium) which is prepared according to the original recipes.

Cycling and hiking

In the Rovinj region there are 7 marked trails for cyclists, each about 25 km long. All the paths are suitable for amateurs and are interesting because of the numerous cultural and natural sites. In addition, the trails are convenient for hiking and other recreational activities, walking, hiking, etc. A brochure on the cycling routes with explanations in four languages (Croatian, Italian, English and German) is available at the Tourist Office.


Rovinj, being one of the most important tourist destinations in Croatia, is distinguished by the quality of accommodation, impeccable service and numerous activities in the town. Spacious hotels, tourist villages and campsites in attractive locations by the sea offer numerous sports and recreational activities, entertainment for all ages and excellent cuisine. You will find a wide choice of wellness centres, as well as conference rooms, making it an ideal combination for business people and those seeking relaxation, while those who like an active holiday can enjoy various sports activities on land and at sea. Those who prefer to rest in the family houses, apartments and rooms in private accommodation, can enjoy the hospitality of their hosts.


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Visited in july 2017
Value for money
Un petit bureau avec quelques prospectus. Un guichet ou l'on ne saute pas sur le touriste. A part avoir un plan de Rovinj, je n'y ais pas trouvé grand chose...

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