The polychrome silhouette of the historic town, reflected in the water, and the sea views from the cobbled streets give it such a picturesque air that it is known as "the pearl of Istria". Rovinj seems to be riveted to the rocks of the peninsula, as if emerging from the water. Its workshop-shops are home to a large number of artists and craftsmen, which has also earned it the title of "Istrian Montmartre". In summer, it is difficult to find your way through the narrow winding streets, which are very popular with tourists. You have to go up to the cathedral-basilica of Saint-Euphémie to find a little less crowd. After visiting the eco-museum in the house of Batana, the traditional Rovinj fishermen's boat, or the historical museum, it is very pleasant to take a break at the marina, at the municipal beach or on Sv. Križa street, where the bars-restaurants have a breathtaking view of the sea.

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