20 miles away. On the way to Balıkesir, follow the sign Apolyont-Gölyazı. With an average depth of 2 metres, the lake is regularly crowned by a layer of fog. Cormorants and pelicans enjoy the area that has been declared a protected area. The fishing village of Gölyazı, which forms a peninsula, is worth a visit on its own. Formerly a Greek settlement (there are still some inhabitants), it is located on the ancient site of Apollonia, in reference to the temple of Apollo. Attached by a bridge, Halil Bey's islet faces him.

Islets, and this is another charm of the place, there are 7 others, three of which are important: the Manastır, which contains a ruined monastery, the Heybeli and the Kız (ruins of the temple of Apollo). If you come here in the summer, you can certainly see storks. On request, fishermen can take a walk on the lake. And for the speleology enthusiasts: towards the south of the lake, near the village of Doğanalan, is the Ayvaini cave. Almost 6 km long, it is home to a river, the Karadonlu deresi, which forms about sixty small lakes. Wonderful! But it can only be visited with an experienced guide, as it is not yet marked out. Count about 6 hours; the temperature at the end drops to 14°C and the humidity reaches 90%. You can get there via Ayvaköy or Kazanpınar (route from Mustafakemalpaşa to Balıkesir).

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