A crossroads of natural, industrial and architectural wealth, Bursa today has more than a million inhabitants. The ancient bush, located southeast of the Sea of Marmara, lies at the foot of Mount Ulu Dağ (2,543 m), the ancient Olympus of Mysia. The city of silk, the main stopover for medieval caravans, has been famous since antiquity for its thermal springs, which are still a major attraction for visitors. Bursa is a green and airy city, with large parks, small hanging gardens, old cemeteries bristling with chiseled white stelae and cypress trees. The old caravanserais, the bazaars, the old Ottoman wooden houses that have fallen into disrepair or are being restored, the colourful and unexpected neighbourhood markets, the thermal baths as well as the greenery of Yeşil Türbe and Yeşil Camii, all of this contributes confusingly to the charm and mystery of the city. She kept an aristocratic air. A two-day stay in Bursa, to enjoy its baths and wonderful monuments, is highly recommended.

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