Second last city before the border with Greece, and at a distance of less than 25 km from the city of Edirne in Turkey, Svilengrad is not a dream tourist destination, but it occupies an astonishing geographical location, in this small area where Turks, Greeks and Bulgarians live so close to each other. Before the sinister Kapitan Andreevo, Svilengrad will be the last Bulgarian town you will see, or the first, on your way to Turkey or Greece, because it is here that these two roads meet.

History. The town of Svilengrad was originally a Thracian and later a Roman village, later transformed into a Roman fortress called Burdenis, which was used to guard the military road to Roiigrad (Istanbul). Here King Kaloyan had won the victory over the Crusaders of Emperor Baudouin of Flanders (1205). At the time of the Ottoman invasions, the village was renamed Kinekli. The present town was born in the 15th century, near a lookout on the Maritsa River. In fact, the city develops near the bridge "Mustafa Pasha" with 20 arches, 300 m long and 6 m wide (built in 1529). In the middle of the 17th century, the town had 700 houses and a caravanserai with room for 700 horses. The city was famous for breeding silkworms. At the time, cocoons of the "Edirne type" were highly appreciated in Europe and sold throughout the Ottoman Empire. In 1874 the schoolmaster Petar Stanchev (a native of Tarnovo) proposed the name Svilengrad (svila - silk) for the town, which was officially adopted during the Balkan War (1912).

On 7 January 1878 Russian troops entered the town, but in accordance with the Treaty of Berlin, Svilengrad remained under Turkish jurisdiction. A military airport was built during the Balkan War. For the first time in world history, the Bulgarian army is using military aircraft there. The city becomes definitively Bulgarian during the second Balkan war (1913).

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