At 5 km from Praslin, here are 25 hectares of exuberant nature with more than half of endemic plants and a very rich fauna. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and the marine life is just as spectacular. A great spot for exceptional diving, with hawksbill turtles coming to lay their eggs on the kilometre of white sand beach. Cousine is very quiet, with a helicopter breaking the silence from time to time to drop off lucky divers.

After discovering the garden where vegetables thrive in greenhouses (tomatoes, brinjalts, cabbages, peppers...) and fruit trees (banana trees, lemon trees, mango trees, avocado trees...), head for the heights of the island! You can, in particular, discover the Emmanuel glacis at the top of which the view is exceptional. In the undergrowth that leads to it, you can admire the residents of the place, among others the ferns and straw-tails, which nest in the tangled roots of the enormous mapous trees (only twenty-five years old!) that share the morne with the coconut trees (numbered). Not really fierce - men have never been hostile to them here - these birds are nonetheless on the defensive. There is no question of caressing them, especially since their beak cuts like a knife. You can only touch them with your eyes, very closely!
If the terns, which come in many species, are the most numerous, many other birds have taken over the land and sky of Cousine, whether they nest there or are sedentary; From the island blackbird to the toc-toc and from the Dutch pigeon to the hummingbird, no less than 58 species have been recorded, including the imperial frigatebird (found on the island's logo) and, above all, the Seychelles magpie robin, a black and white magpie that now numbers only a few dozen individuals worldwide. This is a species that is closely watched over by the Bird Life International association, which has been conducting a repopulation programme for this rare bird since 1990. The turtles (also numbered) have also found their paradise here. The sea turtles lay their eggs in peace and the land turtles are at home here. There are still millipedes (20 cm long!), whose dried rings remain on the ground by the thousands, and large lizards. You can even see them sometimes snooping on the long granite bar. They are right at home here, in this land of heritage which even has its own scientific station, and whose rare visitors must first be nature lovers. Wealthy enthusiasts.

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