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Petit Futé's opinion on SPUP/SPPF MUSEUM

Vintage plate 2020

It was in 1966, at the hot hours of the great general strike of the manual workers of the… colonial government. A single, strong photograph is enough to reveal the temperament of his young leader, France-Albert René. A microphone in hand, raised up and decided, is already the liberator, a Che Guevara of Seychelles who intends to awaken his people and oust the British colon… Now is the time for revolution, but memories remain. Under the display of state gifts, Che Guevara's copper portrait recalls that Cuba was a sister country in the 1980 s. The SPUP set up its offices in this centenary wood house. The emancipation and liberation of the Seselwa people was prepared, around the charismatic leader René, in this historic building.

Place of remembrance, within a th century residence, the small museum (whose openness is random) intends to trace this political odyssey around many photos and some symbolic objects, such as the pot in which the popular soup (tec-tec) served for the workers in the first strike, or the stick, used by the police to beat the demonstrators, are exposed to it, so to speak. that a rifle, symbol of the coup d'état of 5 June 1977, and the uniform of Francis Rachel, victim of a misunderstanding in the uproar, and whose street bears the name. Seychelles for Seychelles… A number of photos extol the achievements of the new regime, with SPUP having deleted in 1978 to place the single party, the Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF). The latter presented the terms of entry into the party: " The entry into this party will be reserved for citizens who agree with the principles of socialism and have proven their worth in this direction. It must be the vanguard of the people and those who have important responsibilities in the destiny of the country will be chosen by the people in this unique party. '»»»»

The multi-party came back and the president withdrew, leaving room for his dolphin, confirmed at the head of the state in May 2011, but his mentor, "m'sye René", always watches behind and still holds the bar of his party.

His museum has already brought it into history, the cult cult that can prove to be touching. The office of the young leader René is moving, with his family photos on the wall (including one of his baby!) and his lawyer's dress (with white wig) suspended in a corner, which he used to plead against, in the court. We are easily charmed by this propagandist museum, a caricature of the Progressive country museum, and by the party's rhetoric: " Our country is socialist and seychelles. We want to promote and safeguard popular democracy. We want a structure without discrimination. We want equal opportunities for all. " Professions of faith… pre-market economy (and hunting of the dollar and the euro king!).

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Random opening…. Free admission.

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