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It was built in 1869 in the heart of old Victoria. A wealthy landowner (Mr. Michaud) donated the land on which farmers were selling their production. The Victoria market, "bazaar", however, bears the name of the English governor who made him building, Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke. To distinguish him from small markets in other districts, it is simply called bazar an vile year. Having shared the bill of Rs 4,7 million, the European Union and the Seychelles State have joined in offering it full rehabilitation. The «new» building, reminiscent of a Hindu and Dripping temple, was inaugurated in 1999.

This market is all the more pleasant because we can make photos without being attacked. On the other hand, the horse trading is not really the same. For a customer, the choice of a particular merchant is more of a matter of fidelity than of price: the best will go to the regulars! There is no more sales at the auction. The few small traders raising the voice do more for folklore than for a barge. Indeed, in the Seychelles, we are never dealing! Bazaar offers a good reflection of Seychelles production, particularly fish. Under the huge mango tree (which has the particularity to produce two very delicious mango varieties), or under Guinness parasols, take place sellers of fruit, vegetables… and peppers! At the bottom of the enclosure is the fief air bouchers. They are a dozen, always ready to carve a mudflap with the few tourists coming, to buy, for example, Mr. Ho-Yuen's good Creole boudin. Price side is expensive: 1 kg of pork is worth 3 kg of fish!

A visit to the bazaar is never complete without a look at the florist. In addition, the stalls of the artisanal products are picturesque, with their spice bags and cocktail cocktails based on mango and a variety of vegetables called mazavaroo. At the first level, a dozen souvenir shops and a pleasant bar-restaurant await the tourist. But it is Saturday morning that the market becomes a real show. What a anthill that morning! Market from Val d'Endor or Anse Boileau (south of the island) then took place alongside the shops installed in the area. Competition, the prices displayed by the latter are then revised downwards. It's also the only day you can buy certain products like live chicken!

The big purchasers of cassava and sharks are no longer monitored! In the past, the people who bought these products in quantity were suspected of witchcraft: do they not fish these zombies (or dodosya) that are raffolaient? Madanm paton are still there. We cannot talk about the bazaar without mentioning these herons, who are waiting every morning for fish offal for fish lovers. these Madanm paton, along with the mango and the water pool, are part of the eternal decor of this beautiful, authentic small market.

It is also necessary to musarder around, in bazar gel sung by Jean-Marc Volcy. Unfortunately, it is unfortunate that in such a lively Market Street, the old shops, held by Indians or Chinese, are no longer counted on fingers with one hand. The Deevas Complex, with no great interest, falls on the small square where a few taxis are parked.

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Opening time and information on BAZAR

Open Monday to Friday from 6am to 5.30pm and Saturday from 6am to 5pm.

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2 reviews
Value for money
Visited in october 2018
Value for money
Le bazar !
Vraiment un bazar, tellement de monde et surtout une tentative d'attraper le touriste non dissimulé. Il reste un lieu incontournable mais peut être moins brouillons
Visited in july 2018
Value for money
Franchement un peu déçu par ce marché ... assez classique tout de même
Les poissons sont impressionnants et il ne faut pas hésiter à monter à l"étage pour avoir une vue d'ensemble de ce " Bazar"
Apres ... il y a tous les fruits et épices mais les souvenir, savons ... sont relativement cher par rapport à d'autre sites de Mahé comme le domaine du val des prés ...

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