Pattaya is singular for its waterfront which stretches for several kilometres: parasols and deckchairs as far as the eye can see, hotels of all kinds, shopping malls and, of course, hundreds of "girl bars" and cabarets - the famous go go bars. The sulphurous reputation of the place goes back to the Vietnam War, when American soldiers were landing in large numbers at the station for their permissions. Prostitution is still prevalent, but there is also a strong desire on the part of the local authorities to develop and maintain diversified tourist activities, whether sporting or cultural. Pattaya also offers a choice of excellent quality restaurants. The price-quality ratio in terms of hotels remains honest compared to other resorts in Thailand. The city continues to grow at a frenetic pace. New supermarkets such as Terminal 21, with its two full-size aircraft positioned in front of the entrance, have appeared. Another interesting fact is that the population of Indian origin has apparently taken on a new dimension and is in the process of replacing the Russian one. The bottom of the walk street is looking more and more like Little India.

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