Located at the southern end of the Paraná River Delta, Tigre, a peaceful little town (a little less on weekends) only 30 km north of Buenos Aires, will offer you a first nature bath. It stretches along the right (south) bank of the Luján River and its town centre is located on either side of the Tigre River, which flows into the Luján River. From here you can take a boat trip on the countless canals of the Paraná River Delta, which flows north of the city into the gigantic Rio de la Plata.

Long before the arrival of the first settlers, the area was occupied by the Guarani Indians, inhabitants of the river. The first historical mention dates back to the 1580s and to Juan de Garay, who named what is now known as the River Reconquista, the riachuelo de las Conchas. In the following century, life was organized around the river, which allowed the development of trade in the region. In 1805, the canal was built to allow ships to reach the port of San Fernando. These were the most important development works on the Río de la Plata. Today, the city has changed a lot with dizzying real estate investments, the development of the river station and the tourist activities that are developing around it such as the amusement park. A sort of green Venice at the gates of the delta, or in the words of Marcel Niedergang, "both the Bois de Boulogne and the Xochimilco of the Argentinean capital", Tigre can be the starting point for pleasant strolls in the delta, its islets and its labyrinth of canals. We will see many beautiful pontoons leading to rich and beautiful homes. In Tigre, travel is by boat and the deeper you go into the delta, the more you will discover the most luxuriant subtropical vegetation.

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