South America is known as a land of foodies, with fine, spicy cuisine, diverse influences and unique combinations of fresh produce. Grilled meats, vegetables, soups and other filled cakes and turnovers are all dishes to be discovered during your travels. The dishes are rich in flavours, smells and textures, and a multitude of addresses across the continent open their doors to you to experience unforgettable moments. Here are 5 cities in which to stop in South America to get your taste buds boiling and leave with a multitude of recipes to reproduce at home

1- Mexico City and its festival of flavors

The Mexican capital is not only a sprawling city, it is also a great place to discover a rich and varied gastronomy. For those who don't want to miss a thing and prefer to eat while walking, the discovery of Mexican tacos is a must. These small cornmeal pancakes are filled with meat, guacamole, rice, vegetables and kidney beans to create a delicious sandwich that is hard to get enough of. In Mexico City, you can also eat enchiladas, tortillas filled with cheese or meat, and empanadas, small turnovers filled with meat, corn and vegetables. It is easy to understand that Mexico City is a small paradise for street food. But the city doesn't stop there, and there are also charming restaurants where you can find fish and seafood, including the unavoidable ceviche, a raw fish tartar. For those with a sweet tooth, Mexico City is also a destination where you can indulge in flan de queso, a flan made from unsweetened condensed milk and caramel, as well as churros dipped in chocolate

2- Lima, a wide variety of dishes

It is not for nothing that Latin gastronomy is recognized throughout the world and that chefs open establishments inspired by its flavors such as the restaurant Colimba in Grenoble and its exquisite dishes. Many destinations, such as Peru, offer a cuisine that cannot leave one indifferent. In Lima, as in the whole country, the dishes are a perfect mix of ancestral heritage and modern touches. The cuisine is also based on the cultural diversity of the country: Japan, West Africa, China, the Caribbean and of course Spain. With dishes such as ceviche, antichuchos, beef heart marinated in garlic sauce and then cooked on the barbecue, lomo saltado, beef with vegetables sautéed in soy sauce, or papa a la huancaína, potatoes with peanut sauce, Peruvian cuisine has been awarded prestigious prizes, including best gastronomic destination in the world by the World Travel Awards for six years running. That's all there is to it!

3- La Paz, a treat from starter to dessert

Bolivia's cuisine is as varied as the country's landscapes. It is therefore a destination of choice for gourmets. The dishes are rich and differentiated, due to the interbreeding and the long history of the territory. The soup is appreciated by all, in the popular districts, but not only. A must-try soup is the sopa de mani, which can be compared to the Bolivian stew: it is made of a piece of tender meat, potatoes, a little milk, peanut cream, spices and parsley. It is also possible to try silpancho, a dish that consists of rice, potatoes, breaded and fried beef and eggs. In some large hotels, trout from Lake Titicaca is served to fish lovers. For dessert, nothing beats a stroll through La Paz with a cinnamon ice cream in hand

4- Bogotá, from tradition to modernity

Colombia is a colourful country with diverse cultural influences and geographical and climatic conditions that are conducive to the cultivation and development of excellent cuisine. In the country's capital, many great chefs have set up shop in high-end restaurants. When it comes to gastronomic must-haves, it's impossible to miss ajiaco, a hearty traditional soup made with potatoes, chicken and corn on the cob. An aromatic local herb is used to spice up the soup, which is served with avocado and cream. Also worth mentioning is the patacon, fried pieces of green plantains served with guacamole or a mixture of tomatoes, onions and herbs. For sweetness, you must try the milk jam called arequipe. It can be found in pastries, ice cream and bread rolls

5- Buenos Aires, for meat lovers

If it is possible to find several vegetarian addresses in the different South American countries, Buenos Aires is very appreciated by carnivores. The parrillas are the traditional meat restaurants where beautiful and generous pieces of meat are served grilled or braised. Argentine beef is considered one of the best in the world. For those who still want something typical, empanadas filled with cheese or meat and tortillas are at least as popular as the bean soup locro and the pastel de choclo, a gratin made of minced corn meat. Argentine cuisine is also inspired by Italy. Pizzas, pasta and ravioli are all part of the menu. Finally, for a real moment of sweetness, the best thing to do is to buy alfajores, biscuits made of cornstarch and sweet caramel milk paste, and to accompany them with a good glass of Argentine wine, such as a malbec